A Friend In Trouble; #Mariners Fan Needs Help

I don’t normally do stuff like this in this space, but this is important, so here we go.

Kevin Schumacher, a fellow Mariners and Seattle sports fan, is in Harborview ICU right now with a pretty serious infection. He had what he originally thought was just a bad tooth, but was instead a dental infection that then spread down his neck and into his thoracic cavity, and targeted his lungs. He has had surgeries, and a bunch of other procedures done (I am only getting secondhand information from a closer friend of his at the moment), and is in pretty bad shape. What this will mean for him, after he is better, is a metric ton of rehab and recovery, and likely financial hardship. Kevin was employed as a lead or manager at Home Depot in SoDo, but if you’re a citizen of this country, you’re well aware of how sketchy health insurance can be these days. So he needs financial assistance, and lots of it.

If we all drop a little cash, it can go a long way to helping a fellow human being recover. A donation site (with more details about his situation) is located here. I’d like to go to more ball games with Kevin, and I know he’d like that too. So if you can donate, please do. If not now, next week, or the week after. If you can’t donate, please feel free to spread this post around to people who can. Let’s help him get better soon. Also, he clearly has excellent fashion sense – that’s gotta be at least worth $5, right?


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