Fridays at Safeco, Late

Yeah, I know, I’m terrible at this. Going to crank out a bit before I go down to Safeco for FanFest today. I wait for this day every year during the offseason, and even though I don’t do the catching in the outfield, or the zip line, and I’ve seen the clubhouse, and I’ve watched the players and coaches talk a bajillion times, it never gets any less exciting. There are people in line already as I’m starting this at 9AM, season ticket holders who get in early. Lucky, lucky.

So what we have for the three photos today…how about a picture of a burgeoning King’s Court prior to a Felix start? That should get you in the mood for a little baseball!

IMG_2681Clearly, this was prior to a game with the Detroit Tigers, but these guys and their photographer friend are ready for the game to start because it’s Felix Hernandez and how are you not excited about that?

IMG_2103Last year, I attempted to notice more things, smaller details of the park. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I did see a lot of things I had never seen before, which makes me realize how truly easy it is to be so involved in the game itself that you miss the tiny beauty of the stadium, the parts of it that make it whole, but that aren’t the really big bits. A lot of my friends were surprised to learn that I had never really paid much attention to the license plate art over right field; but the fact of the matter is, until the Mariners started doing the season ticket holder early entry (which sadly, I will not be able to participate in this year), I simply never went into the field through that entrance. Glad I did, as I now know more than I did before about the place I like to refer to as my summer home.

IMG_2709I hate the fact that I have to miss this guy again. I hate even more that he’s been picked up by Anaheim, but what’re you gonna do? Glad he can extend his playing career, and glad he could be back with us for one more year. He might be declining and he’s certainly no Robinson Cano, but he’ll always be a big name to me.

Now I have to go get ready and pile on the layers and hope this morning fog gives way to some sun and maybe a little warmth. Today is the official “start” of the 2014 baseball season. Oh, and if you haven’t already (the list is definitely small), feel free to follow MarinerBasho on Twitter. Daniel Carroll and I are trying our hands at writing haiku. Just for fun; I used to be decent at it in high school. For the purposes of this particular Twitter account, however, I have to be super thankful that we don’t have to deal with the word “Saltalamacchia”.

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