Another Delayed Fridays at Safeco, Not At Safeco At All

Actually, this may take on a whole new meaning this year; since it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to afford a lump sum for season tickets like normal, I hatched a different plan, to possibly go to every Friday home game; spreading out the expense, and giving myself something to look forward to several times a month. We’ll see if it works with money and such, but that is the current plan for now. I can’t spend a summer not going to the park.

Today, I’m going to take a different approach. I know I haven’t acknowledged the SuperBowl like at all, and I don’t mean to let it go unrecognized. I know very little about football; I have actually probably forgotten more about baseball than I know about football. But the Seahawks did an amazing thing this year, and I watched it on TV and watched it on the streets below while I was 20 floors up this last Wednesday. Fair warning, these photos were taken on a camera phone through a window, so they may not be the greatest. But this is what I saw on Wednesday.

IMG_1080The sunrise that morning. Yes, it’s an Instagram photo. I love Instagram. Shut it.

IMG_1081This is Marion Street at 3rd Ave, about an hour or so before the parade started.

IMG_1082A small plane flies the 12th Man flag around the city. It had to change its flight pattern quite a few times, due to news helicopters and police helicopters flying around the area, taking pictures and keeping an eye on things.

IMG_1083Closer to the time the caravan came to our area. I had to rotate the photo, I was trying to get as much of a shot of the people on 4th as possible from my vantage point.

IMG_1084One of the buses at the start of the caravan. The sun was starting to descend west, and created shadows on everything.

IMG_1085These people must have been freezing! They were not the only ones, however; pretty much every building within my line of sight had at least a couple of people on the roof. Our building is 44 stories tall, so attempting the roof (if I’m even allowed to get up there) would have set me back a lot farther from the scene than I already was.

IMG_1088The reroute of traffic caused quite a mess on 3rd Ave. Drivers didn’t seem quite sure what to do with themselves, and the weird street angles near Yesler and Jackson probably didn’t help a whole lot, especially as the parade was nearly at the stadiums.

I got off work at 3.30PM, just in time for a lot of the fans who had been at Century Link and Safeco to be swarming the bus mall looking for transportation home. I was able to grab my bus before an onslaught of fans followed me, and got a seat. By the time my route got to its last two stops in SODO, the driver had to tell people waiting that she didn’t have any more room. We were standing room only all the way up to the driver’s cab. I heard stories of people missing up to five buses trying to get to work in the morning because of people coming into town. Early estimates placed the crowd at 700,00, but later this week, they were guessing it was actually around 450,000 on the street. Some of my co-workers went out to brave the elements and take pictures, but I was not in the mood for such shenanigans. It’s been cold in Seattle the past two weeks, and the more I can limit my time out in the weather the better.

Congratulations, though, Seahawks. Ya done good!

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1 Response to Another Delayed Fridays at Safeco, Not At Safeco At All

  1. Mom says:

    Terrific writing as usual. Felt like I was right beside you.

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