Catching Up on Mariners Email

So a few weeks ago after seeing the headline of this article, I made a snarky comment on Twitter about it taking longer to get into Safeco now than it normally does due to having to wait not only for bag checks, but also to get through and possibly be rejected from metal detectors. At least at the left field gate, there were detectors being used during FanFest, and while I cannot vouch for whether or not they were responsible for holding anyone up (since the lines were so long, it could also have been the numbers of people, of course), I can say that they did not hinder me. My main worry is that there are very few pieces of outerwear that I own that don’t have some sort of buckle, chain, or some other bit of metal on them; I almost always get stopped in airports because I left a belt or something else on, and I am accustomed to that level of metal detection because I really have nothing else to compare it to. But if FanFest was any indication, it should be rather smooth. I anticipate Opening Day to be a bit of a mess, but it usually is anyway, so I’m not too concerned.

I don’t really think I said much about this when it happened because I wasn’t sure what to think (it all seemed so surreal), but I am glad we rid ourselves of Carlos Peguero. He (and his wife) can be the Royals’ problem now. I don’t know from Scott Baker, but hopefully there won’t be any members of Baker’s family willing to take advantage of any members of the rest of the players families on this team. I wasn’t shocked when it was announced Peguero was being DFA’d, and I never once assumed we’d attempt to assign him to Tacoma or anywhere else within the organization. Outside of the problems it could have potentially caused in the clubhouse to have him here, I’d like to think that fan backlash would have been outrageous. I’m sure he has his own issues to deal with at home, but after the Josh Lueke situation, the last thing we need here is a mediocre position player whose wife has stolen from our most beloved pitcher’s family. I’m not blaming Peguero for his wife’s transgressions, certainly, but it’s negativity and drama I just don’t want on my baseball team. Personally, I have no tolerance for people who steal from others, or who take advantage of other people in such an underhanded and cruel way. She has plead guilty recently, and will be sentenced in May.

Late January, MLB approved of protective headgear for pitchers, some of whom may be wearing it as early as this year (though I haven’t heard anything further on it since this article was posted). You can see a picture of the prototype at that link. Yeah, it looks about as ridiculous as you might expect. What I’m wondering about (and what is not really addressed in the article), is why, if there was really a call for such a thing, are pitchers not opting instead for wearing double-sided batters helmets? More protection would be afforded, certainly, and it is a product that has already proven itself in the line of duty. This thing is heavy, and it makes the wearer look like a little kid wearing an adult’s hat. I realize appearance isn’t everything, and am well aware that the game has a history of criticism over its safety wear every time something new was introduced – the first catcher’s glove was not looked upon kindly at its inception – but this seems a bit of overkill, when we already have batter’s helmets, an item that most pitchers are already more than familiar with wearing. I am sure I must be missing something, it just seems like a horrible waste of money and research.

The Ms recently gave Fernando Rodney a two year contract for closing duties. Rodney is a veteran but he has been pretty much lights-out for the past two years. I don’t know a whole lot about Rodney, who spent the bulk of his career in Detroit, but I remember playing close games against him and realizing that we were screwed when he came out onto the hill. I think I might have been confusing him with Francisco Rodriguez due to his time in Anaheim, but the photo in that link above made me remember all the times I’d stayed up late for games, only to have that sinking feeling as Rodney took the hill, dusted himself with rosin, and faced our sad little offense with that hat crooked to the side. I’m glad he’s with us now. I love Tom Wilhelmsen and always will, but it was breaking my heart to see so many games just slip out of our fingers when Wilhelmsen threw a handful of decent fastballs then immediately gave up his command. Rodney’s numbers may have gone down over 2013, but 37 saves in 45 chances is nothing to shake a stick at. Am looking forward to seeing what his walkout song will be; at 9.55PM, after a full day of work and full of beer and tacos, I found it really difficult to get jacked up over Jimi Hendrix. I appreciate Wilhelmsen staying true to himself, though, and I’m glad he’s still here.

February is killing me. The weather in Seattle has been the awful windy and rainy weather that we normally get during the month, and it’s been dark a lot. If I think about it, I can sort of smell grass and see the sun and taste the Mac & Jack’s Amber (my default, until they start carrying Newcastle; I won’t hold my breath)…but then I look out the window behind my desk at work and see the dark and gloomy and realize that even though we’re closer to baseball than we were yesterday, we still have a bit of time to go. My main concern right now is being rained out of the east coast games I am planning on attending; if nothing else, it will make me far more appreciative of Safeco Field.

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