Fridays at Safeco

I did manage to listen to yesterday’s game, and loved everything about it. Hearing the mysterious trumpet guy in the background of the broadcast for the first time every year is always a treat. It may grind on the nerves after a full month, but it is always a hard and fast reminder of the fact that baseball is nearly here. I am not of the impression that the game will be broadcast today, but will look into it later today while at work. Our firewall blocks a lot of stuff, and some websites work oddly because of it; I should have been able to use the link from Shannon’s page with no problem, but the link I would up using was from the ESPN site directly. I never claimed to be good with IT.  Anyway, I digress. We beat the most hated Padres (sigh) 7-1, and oh, it does my heart good to be able to see this again.

Jack Zduriencik was in the booth for an inning or two, talking about how the guys were looking. Apparently, there were some intersquad games on Wednesday, and the fact that nobody had been hitting home runs pleased him greatly. He acknowledged that the fans like the long ball, but said that moving guys around the bags was what matters fundamentally. I don’t care how they do it, I just want them to do it. Home runs are exciting, sure, but I’m not a proponent of them by any stretch. Small ball does just fine by me. I’d rather have a tiny victory than a glorious defeat.

With that, here are your three photos this week!

IMG_3030Ichiro sizing up Felix in a Yankees uniform. I think my heart died a little typing that sentence. I know it’s super uncool in a lot of circles to admit this, but I still and will always love Ichiro. Along with JJ Putz, he helped cultivate my love of the game. The more I found out about the way Ichi plays the game, the more I loved the game itself. Very few players today exude the kind of calm and concentration that Suzuki does at the plate. Infield singles for everyone!

IMG_3100Mike McCready of Pearl Jam plays the National Anthem before a game. I believe this might have been at one of the games vs the Cubs that I went to; I wound up at two last year because fireworks night was on a Friday, and it was followed by Turn Back the Clock Night on Sunday, which I try always to go to, particularly if it’s throwback to like the 20s or 30s.

IMG_3154One of my favorite pictures from fireworks night. I went with friends Gray and Ethel, and we had gotten left field seats, but of course had to leave them prior to the game ending so we didn’t incur the wrath of sparks. We wound up at the top of section 315 and had an excellent view. I have it on my calendar at work, but there are at least three of these nights again this year. An excellent move by the marketing folks, in my humble opinion.

And bonus material for today, a video!

Mike Zunino, on fireworks night, hitting the walkoff for the Ms. I remember feeling happy that we won because last year was so dismal, but being simultaneously sad for the Cubs. The poor Cubs. I have made a personal promise to myself that if the Cubs ever make it to the playoffs and the Mariners are not a factor in that, I will very much root for the Cubs. But let’s get the Mariners on top, first; I can only handle so much at once.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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