Mariners 2014 Commercials Are Here!

I know a lot of us wait every year for this, so here is a link you can find them all at, and they’ll autoplay them all in a row. I don’t have a favorite, I like them all, but I have noticed that other than the glorification of Robinson Cano and Felix (because how do you not glorify those two), they have sort of kept the hype down this year. I find it sort of ironic that the Justin Smoak commercial from last year might be brought back this year, given Smoak’s increased hitting, but I like that they didn’t go overboard on the praise for anyone this time around. Also, I love the not-so-subtle nod to Game of Thrones in the Felix commercial. Well played, marketing folks. Well played. Also, kudos with staying with the True to the Blue slogan. It’s a concept that doesn’t go out of its way to build any players or any expectations up, and describes a lot of Mariners fans to a T.

Speaking of Smoak, he has recently been flagged as the first baseman for the 2014 lineup, and I am A-OK with that. As much as it’s enticing to talk about Jesus Montero being “serviceable” at first base, and the bit of power he was showing over the weekend, it is clear that the Mariners aren’t in a hurry to change their minds about how Montero’s career is going to go this year. Don’t get me wrong, I would totally love to see him do well. In spite of my annoyance with players who do steroids, Montero at least didn’t pull an Alex Rodriguez or Lance Armstrong and try to cover it up. He took his suspension, came back and apologized, and, as a fan, I’d like to give him a second chance. People have also been concerned about his weight, but weight doesn’t necessarily deny power, and if all Montero is going to wind up as is a power hitter, who cares how pudgy he might or might not be? If his hitting improves and he can make 1B work for him in Tacoma, then that is just cake, because then we have a good backup if Smoak gets injured. It’s going to be weird getting used to him there and not behind the dish, but if it can extend the guy’s career, I’m all for it. I just hate seeing guys make it to a certain level only to find that they can’t keep up. I know a lot of people don’t even make it out of single A, but I don’t know those people. I know Montero. Good luck, man.

I am getting lost in work and MLBN programming lately, so this took me a bit by surprise (the next game I was planning on watching was going to be this Saturday on MLBN), but Dave Sims says that ROOT is broadcasting tonight’s game. This is great, as I’ve been literally crashing on the couch right after dinner the past few days after (very hard days at) work, then waking up with my neck in weird positions, depending on how I’m sleeping and how many cats are on me at any given time. This gives me something to look forward to today, and between this and the great sunny weather we are having at the moment, it will just drive home that spring and real baseball are coming very soon.

Speaking of which, I picked up tickets yesterday for the Open House the Ms are doing on  Monday, March 31st. I am hoping at the moment that I can stay awake for all of it, as I will have been up since 12.30AM to check out the Diamondbacks and Dodgers game in Australia. If it was any other team than the four I like, I wouldn’t bother; but I love an adventure, and currently getting up at midnight and going to work after a baseball game is about as adventurous as things get around here. If you see me, say hi; I might be delirious at that point, but I’ll definitely be happy about it. Am also hoping the weather stays nice for a bit so I can wear my soon-to-be-finished new jersey to the game.

Twenty seven more days until the Mariners home opener, twenty seven and a half/twenty eight more days until I fly out to Washington DC for my trip. I can’t put into words how excited I am, so I’m not even going to try. Looking forward to seeing the Ms play the Chicago Cubs tonight. Oh, happy day!

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