Fridays at Safeco

I didn’t do a game recap the other day because I just wasn’t in the mood, but it was an interesting game to watch. The Mariners of course won in 10 against the Chicago Cubs, in spite of our best efforts to commit as many errors as possible and look all-around unpolished and disinterested, but there were definitely a lot of bright moments, too. Nick Franklin did a dugout interview with Dave Sims that got a little out of control, and Ty Kelly hit the walk off to get the win. If you watch the video clip there, there are a myriad ways the expression on Kelly’s face could be interpreted. It could be a look of nervousness, a look of confusion, or just wide-eyed determination helping him slap that ball down, but he probably walked away from that feeling pretty decent about himself and life in general. The M’s beat the Diamondbacks in a televised game yesterday that I would have loved to have watched, but work destroys everything, alas.

So one Sunday last year, my friend Eric shot me a text and asked if I wanted to go to a game as his guest for a suite. Apparently there was an extra ticket, everything was already paid for for the most part, and Felix was pitching. Normally, I’m not a fan of what I call “indoor baseball”. I won’t, for instance, sit inside the Hit It Here unless I’m cold, hungry, or both. The suites are not technically inside, but they are a level of comfort I am neither used to nor require to watch baseball. I like my bleachers, I like feeling like I’m really outside. That said? This was a pleasant experience, though I pretty much did it wrong because I was too hungry to wait for the food that was going to come to us and instead went and got sushi. After seeing the food  that was brought in eventually (if memory serves there was poached salmon and some sort of asparagus dish, with a bunch of other stuff I didn’t even see because I was too busy watching the game on a full stomach), I am kind of kicking myself for not waiting, but perhaps there will be other chances.

The weather that day was really nice and warm, and we had shade and a breeze up on the deck there. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

IMG_3251Phil Niekro’s Braves jersey was framed and hanging in our room. That is of course me in the reflection wearing my Player to be Named Later shirt and carrying a Hello Kitty bag because that is how I roll.

IMG_3261The great thing about the suites is that they are a really good vantage point from which to take on-field photos. The net around the backstop is still a bit of a pain, but it’s always going to be if you’re trying to take a photo from behind the plate. The suite level at least allows you to get a really good view of the mound.

IMG_3322Look at that weather! I’m sitting indoors right now at 5AM, and it is pouring down rain and a bit windy. We have had  a few peeks into nicer weather this morning, I am just hoping the weather isn’t doing the March/April psyche out where it starts snowing or is nothing but rain over the next few weeks. As it is, I am becoming a bit nervous about the weather during my trip, since it is my understanding that NYC got more snow the other day. If you haven’t been already, feel free to follow me on Twitter, I will be posting pictures and observations as I travel. Like I said, this is a super big deal for me, so I’d like to share it with others.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s 1PM game on ROOT! Have a great weekend, everyone!



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1 Response to Fridays at Safeco

  1. Batting Tee says:

    I like the Phil Niekro jersey photo. It was amazing watching him throw that knuckleball.

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