Fridays at Safeco, On The DL

Starting on a personal note, this has been an interesting week. Some of the vertebrae in my lower back have managed to twist themselves into doing this obnoxious thing where they press on my sciatic nerve. I have heard of this condition before, and while it sounded painful, I had no earthly clue exactly how painful it truly is. Until now. Last Saturday I was very happy to see Orioles, Mariners and Phillies games all in a row on TV, until I started cleaning the house and managed to get into my current predicament. So this week has been nothing but an endless slew of muscle relaxers, painkillers, physical  therapy, as much in-office work as I can tolerate, and as much rest and prescribed stretching as I can stay awake for, while taking muscle relaxers and painkillers. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, seriously. It has been a nightmare for me, as I am someone who values my freedom of movement and my ability to do what I want, when I want, how I want all the time.  Rather than writing up game recaps or talking about anything baseball-related, I’ve been hazily paying attention to anything that hovers into my field of vision, promptly forgetting it, and really really hoping I can get rid of this or at least make it tolerable over the course of the next two weeks.  I have places to go, things to do and people to see, and I would prefer to do it with my back and without its drunk friend Sciatica. Yuck. I tried to get up early this morning to write this, but the kittens got trapped in the bedroom, and my alarm clock got unplugged, and my life sounds like a really awful 1980s sit-com now here are some pictures…

One of my favorite yearly events the Mariners do is of course Turn Back the Clock Night. The further the clock goes back, the better. The 1980s one was alright, because they played some decent music, but I really enjoy decades prior, particularly the 40s, 30s or 20s. This last year I believe were the Aughts, between 1910 and 1920. The stadium was devoid of modern music or other distractions, there were no cues for the crowd to clap, and in between batters being called up was this kind of wonderful summery crowd murmur, with the breeze hitting the Terrace Club and making the 90-some-degree temperature tolerable. MarinersVision is still on, however, but with a bit of a difference with old-tymey-looking team photos and other tidbits of news about the time period being emulated. It’s a very different atmosphere at a game, and frankly I find it quite relaxing.

IMG_3170The “Seattles” and “Spokanes”…not really names that inspire fear in the heart of the opponent, but then again, nobody’s really all that worried about the “Mariners”, either, I suppose.

IMG_31781910s or not, The Ackley Boys were still there, hanging out in the 300 level with their assorted gold letters. I hope they have used the offseason wisely and managed to create an “N” for “Cano”. They’re going to need it.

IMG_3191Raul Ibanez talks with second baseman Darwin Barney during a lull. I love the old look uniforms, but they never seem to fit the modern players like they did the players from yesteryear. I love seeing old photos of these grown men that look like little kids wearing ill-fitting baggy wool uniforms running around the bases with hats that barely fit their heads. Given my bent towards fashion from that time period, my mother always says she thinks I was meant to be born in a different time. I think she’s right; but there is no way you could get sushi at a ballpark in 1922. I think I like it here better.

The Mariners play the Padres in another exhibition game tonight. I am going to try and stay up to watch for as long as my medication will allow me to. I do like a good challenge. Meanwhile, tomorrow night at 1AM PST, the Diamondbacks open up the baseball season in Australia with a game against the Dodgers in Sydney. I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that this started on the 31st of this month, but apparently things are getting underway sooner. I am actually glad about this, as it means that the Open House event at Safeco will not be attended on as much of a lack of sleep as I was thinking I was going to get. I am the winner!


EDIT: I am so very awful with time zones. Damn. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers is actually on tonight. At this rate, it will be a miracle if I’m able to watch actual live games on the east coast when I’m actually there.

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