My Stupid Back is Indifferent To the Mariners Rotation

I’m still suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve, and the only way to make it better is to sleep, so rather than writing – which I should be doing – I go home and sleep with pain meds and muscle relaxers. It’s hard to pay attention to baseball when your life revolves around pain meds and muscle relaxers, no matter how much you like baseball. Then again, right now I like pain meds and muscle relaxers too, and I can’t enjoy much of anything while I’m feeling like this, so they win.

Looks like Abraham Almonte got his roster spot, thankfully. Stefan Romero did, too, which is great. I am hoping that this is not another rush-too-soon situation, along the lines of what happened with Brandon Maurer last year. I liked Maurer, but I really like Almonte, and I would be kind of bent if he wound up needing more time at triple A a month into the season (which, knowing my luck, he might; I will prepare myself accordingly). Endy Chavez and Humberto Quintero were released yesterday, but per that link above, Chavez decided to stick around and play in Tacoma, so that’s nice. Endy’s good utility defensively, and he hits a ball every once in a while. We got a guy if we need a guy.

As for our rotation…I don’t even know where to start. Randy Wolf is gone per release due to a change in deal the Mariners offered that he felt was not worth it. Shannon Drayer has the full story with quotes and the whole deal here. After reading that, I kind of can’t blame Wolf for taking off, because he is right; once Taijuan Walker and Hisashi Iwakuma are back and healthy, he would very likely have been the third wheel, as it were. Yet another case of the Mariners making friends and influencing people, it would seem, but this time I don’t blame either party for making the moves they did. Wolf wants to pitch, Zduriencik wants his rotation to be the best it can be all year long. It’s kind of a bad deal for Wolf, but it had to happen. Scott Baker also was released at his own request. Scott Weber at Lookout Landing feels that this is a shock, but I haven’t heard anything good (or really, anything at all) about Baker at all the past few weeks, so I can’t say I feel one way or the other about it. Not being able to listen to ST games this month due to radio issues, I have no opinion on Baker at all either way. Good luck to them both.

So now I guess we wait and see what happens with the roster finalizations, which absolutely have to happen in the next five or so days. Five days until Baseball That Counts. Can you dig it!

I will be at the Mariners Open House event this upcoming Monday. I know for sure that my friend Jessica is coming, and the other  ticket will likely go to Tom. One, the other, or both of them may have the “pleasure” of pushing my sad ass around Safeco Field in a wheelchair, unless some miracle happens in these next five days, and my back fixes itself or gets fixed. The fact of the matter is, I cannot stand up well and walk without a vast amount of burning pain shooting down my left leg, which is annoying in the least, and unbearable at the most. I will never ever again chalk up sciatica as mere “back pain”. It’s so much worse than that. The wheelchair thing is definitely not my preference, but it may have to be the way things are that day. I am hoping to be all or mostly better by the home opener, as I have no desire to have my friend pushing me around stadiums out east, the saddest go-cart in the world. Here’s to hoping my insurance covers durable medical equipment.

Additional note: I hope to grab some time to work on my Citizens Bank Park preview post this weekend, while Tom is down playing a show in Mexico. I can’t believe this trip is coming up so fast!

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