The Mariners Have Themselves a Roster

And now we are nearly there! I took a screen shot from Ryan Divisih’s article, but you should go and read it anyway, because Divish is awesome, and it’s an article at the Times you don’t have to subscribe to, if you’re not already subscribed. Here is who we are to start the season:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 7.35.47 AM

















I am not ridiculously fond of our starting rotation, it’s true. But if all goes well, we won’t be dealing with it for long, and once Hisashi Iwakuma and Taijuan Walker come back, maybe some re-arrangements will also be made in the bullpen. Or not. I honestly don’t mind the bullpen as it is now. I like our catchers, I like our infielders, I like the outfielders, with the exception of Corey Hart, who I simply haven’t seen that much of or heard that much about within the context of this team to make a decision on. Overall, I’d say I’m good with this the way it is. Baseball can start now, and it’ll start tomorrow, and let’s get this circus going!

I watched Chris Young’s 4 & 2/3 inning start yesterday, wherein he allowed two hits, a run, and no walks. Quite a few people have commented on Young’s height, with Jeff Sullivan making this comment a few days ago when Young was brought into the fold. It would be easy for an American baseball player – most of whom start at 6′ tall – to look tall in a crowd of notoriously shorter people, but you can actually see his height on TV, when he’s standing around or next to other baseball players. The guy is huge. Yesterday was the first time I have ever seen him pitch, and while there is certainly reason to be skittish abut his multiple surgeries and the fact that he hasn’t seen lengthy major league playing time since 2006, but the guy says he’s feeling good (because they never say anything else), and he is active without pain (which means he’s doing a whole lot better than I am, frankly), and we don’t really have any other options right now. I look forward to seeing what he can do here in Seattle. As Lloyd McClendon mentions in that article, due to his height he might have some throwing advantages angle-wise. It’ll be fun to see.

On a small personal note, I am feeling slightly better today. I am not by any means fixed or done with sciatica, but we’re getting there, slowly. I am still concerned about my trip east, but there is nothing I can do about any of this at this point, so I am going to suck it up and be a leaf on the wind. A sore, annoyed, crabby leaf, but a leaf nonetheless.

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