Fridays at Safeco

I watched some of last night’s game; I opted to go out for dinner with friends at 7. It was both a good and bad choice. Matador West Seattle is pretty good, but they were crowded last night and the service was leisurely. Not slow, mind you, it just was far more relaxed than I might have wanted at the time; great for dinner and conversation, not so great when you want to make it back to see at least one inning of Roenis Elias’s pitching; in fact, I walked back in the door as the 6th inning was progressing and had already missed him. I hear that the home plate umpire had it out for us pretty good, though, and I know the A’s took a one-run game from us in the bottom of the 9th. I wanted to stay up for the end of the game, but I had a busy day physically yesterday, and by that time, I had tried to get off the couch to get some water and my knees were not having any more of it. So off to bed I went. I will catch him on his third start maybe; I will be on the east coast when his second occurs.

There was so much I wanted to do with this post, but I am running out of time this morning before I have to go get ready for work. My focus was going to be food this time out, but I’ll have to save it for another time. Instead, some random photos like usual…

IMG_0772Remember these days, you guys?! Let’s hope they are over, over, over!

IMG_0689I need to start using Instagram more frequently. I have completely dropped off of it recently, and I actually really enjoy it. I think the idea that I have to load up a program for the filters and can’t just snap something off and send it (therefore the process being much slower) stifled me a bit from taking pictures. I want to get back into that again. People make fun of Instagram as something that pseudo-artists use, but I just find it fun.

IMG_0730I once ordered an Ichi-roll in the Hit It Here Cafe. I got maybe one of the best sushi rolls I have ever had at Safeco Field (because the chef up there does not mess around), and he made the wasabi into little baseballs! I was by myself while waiting for a friend and had nobody to share the moment with. It was adorable.

I am still – hilariously or sadly – working on my Phillies Citizens Bank preview post. Time and injury and general laziness due to both have conspired against me. I will give it another shot, maybe later today or over the weekend sometime. Before the Ms game and dinner last night, I found a Red Sox/Orioles game on the MLB Network, and watched it for about half an hour before it hit me that I am going to be in Camden in just over a week. I also saw some photos via email of Eutaw Street, and the crowds and shops and restaurants there. I am anticipating having my mind absolutely blown by everything. This is ridiculously exciting for me, and I’m going to try to bring that to this space.

If you haven’t already followed me on Twitter, you best get to that!  I will be doing some live-Tweeting of my travel and various parts of my trip, and of course lots and lots of pictures of everything. I actually managed to allot time for writing  after games, so there will be plenty of storytelling going on, as much as I can manage. I’ll be moving the Twitter widget to the top of the sidebar here to make it more obvious for people who don’t have Twitter and just want to see some things. My phone goes where I go, so it basically amounts to a bit of extra content.

Other than that, it looks like we have a Chris Young start today. He goes up against Dan Straily, who I somehow managed to miss in the multiple series we played with the A’s last year, so he, too, is  an unknown to me. Hopefully the umpire shift will see us getting fewer awful calls at the plate. Have a great Friday, everyone!


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