Mariners Fan Conquers Virginia, Eats at Nando’s, Falls Asleep on Own Face

I made it!

Landed in Dulles yesterday, and got wheelchaired to the luggage carousel. Pro-tip; you’re supposed to tip these folks. I had no idea. I didn’t have but two dollars on me the whole day yesterday, so the guy that got me at Dulles wound up with two of mine and two of my friend Rick’s, puppy dog eyes from me, and profuse apologies. Apologies also to the folks who did me up in Seattle and San Francisco. No wonder the gal at SeaTac was looking at me so funny, but I figured it was the hair. Lesson learned.

So yesterday I learned that Dulles airport is actually in Virginia. I was about a B student in geography, but that was many years ago. We drove around back roads to get around some pretty awful interstate traffic, and wound up at a Nando’s Chicken in Springfield. Or maybe Woodbridge. I am almost not sure where I am now, and I’ve stayed the night here. Generally speaking, while on the road, unless I’m at the places I’m supposed to be, I don’t know where I am and I don’t care as long as I’m safe; this Motel 6 off a highway seems to fit the bill.

A delicious dinner was had (seriously, if you live over here and have one near you and like spicy food, you have NO excuse to not go to one), a pint of Jack Daniels and some small cans of Coke were procured, and we ventured off to find the place I’m staying now. Some road confusion and general swearing later, and we found ourselves in the lobby of what initially appeared to be a rather sketchy Motel 6. I just used my phone to pinpoint myself, I am apparently right off I-95 in Springfield, VA. The very patient man at the counter gave me a double room for the price of a single, and then free wifi because I forgot to pay for it with the room charge. His price? A good review on a survey they will email to me. I have no problem with that. This room, while looking vaguely like a military barracks, is clean, and the bed is nice on my back.

After I checked in, Rick helped me get my stuff up to the room, and we sat around doing some internet stuff for the trip ahead and talking about baseball history while I had him check out my posts from my Cooperstown trip a few years ago. It was at this point that I discovered that today’s ballgame will be started by none other than Stephen Strasburg! I really wasn’t interested in anything other than seeing a ballgame today; I have no love or hate for the Nationals, I just figured that since I was going to be in the area anyway, I might as well see a ballgame. But this??? THIS is awesome. I will now spend the next few hours figuring out if wearing a Mariners jersey to this game is going to look supportive or sad. 101 in 2008 represent!

I think I fell asleep somewhere around midnight or slightly after, after telling myself I was only going to lay down “for a little bit”. I woke up in the middle of the night face down on the bed, drooling as only the classiest lady can, with GameDay open to the Ms/Angels shutout, the TV on, and all the lights still on. A few hours later, and I am still kind of tired, but too excited for my day to sleep any further. I need to shower off the plane from yesterday and get ready for adventure!

We will be taking the Metro to the field. Due to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC this weekend, traffic may be horribly snarled, and it is likely better safe than sorry as far as transportation into the city. Also, it will save us from having to shuck out money for parking.

My goals today; barbecue that has been recommended by Robert Lintott from 7500 to Holte, a “W” shaped pretzel, my first-timer’s certificate (if not for children only), and a stuffed version of the Nationals’ mascot Screech.  LET’S GO NATS!


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