Fridays At Safeco

I couldn’t get to this last week due to still dealing with jet lag, and I couldn’t do it the Friday before because Motel 6 wireless was just awful, even for only three photos (and I was too jacked up from the Phillies game to begin with), so we are back. And I will be back in Safeco Field tonight, showing someone around for the first time. It is Beard Hat Night tonight, and a game against the Texas Rangers. After losing two to the Houston Astros, my hopes are not high, but weird things happen – like Chris Young and Kyle Seager helping the team win by a one-run margin the other afternoon – so as always, I’m going to the game with hopes. Oh, hopes. Hope is usually a fairly positive thing. It can be misguided occasionally, but in general I find hope to be a happy, sort of uplifting human experience. Hope when paired with baseball, however, well, that’s a different story.

Speaking of hope, mine has already been dashed against the jetty rocks off Shilshole, so really, right now, I’m just watching baseball for being baseball. The Mariners have been super awesome for a few hot minutes, then went back to super disappointing so far. The power we seemed to have initially seems to have had its batteries die, with no replacements in sight. It is depressing not in that “oh, it’s the Mariners” sort of way, but because these guys can hit. They can. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it’s terrible to watch them when they can’t. I haven’t given up necessarily, but I’m also not in a huge hurry to stay up until past 10pm for home games unless I’m actually going to be there. The away games in different time zones will be awesome, but I don’t know that I want to stay up to watch things the way they have been recently if this is how things are going to go. Still, they’re mine and I love them, and I will never love another team as much as I love the Mariners. I’m pretty sure in some medical circles that makes me mentally ill, but as I told someone recently, I never abandon, but I will complain. Now, on to some pictures!

IMG_1988This marvelous thing is MegaMoose. Not a lot of people it seems have seen MegaMoose in person, because it only happens on very select Sundays. Either that, or MegaMoose happens all the time and people just aren’t talking about it, and I’m not there to witness it. I’m not sure why MegaMoose doesn’t occur more frequently (Tom once told me that if it did, he’d be at baseball games all the time), but it’s a joy when it does. In the event you have never seen this; it’s an inflatable Moose with a person inside. Some sort of bizarre techno music is played, and the person moves around inside the suit, making it walk on one hand, bounce around on its head, walk backwards, etc. I don’t know what it is that makes me smile so much about this thing, but it does make for some fun inter-inning entertainment. Long live MegaMoose!

IMG_2576Tom Wilhelmsen, wrapping himself into knots to get the strike out. I’m glad he is still with us because I like him, but I wish he wasn’t now in negative WAR. Or that his walk rate wasn’t up and his strikeout rate down. Or that his FIP wasn’t 5.94. Yeesh. I wish a lot of things. Nobody ever pays attention to what I want, though.

IMG_1546The left field glove, victim to a vicious group of guerilla knitters! This might have been during a Stitch n’ Pitch night, but I honestly don’t remember. It was two years ago I think, and I was across the street at Jimmy’s, grabbing a pre-game beer. Knit for Kids is an organization that, well, knits for kids. They make sweaters and scarves and other warm things for kids in poverty. Pretty neat, in my humble opinion. I have attempted crochet and seem to lack the patience for it (though I do intend to try again in the near future), so I cannot imagine the hours that must have gone into this. It was a nice surprise as I rounded the corner off Occidental, though. A bit of bright on an otherwise cloudy day (sadly, the installation got rained on later that week).

In ex-Mariners news, Michael Pineda just got ejected from a game the other night for having pine tar on his neck, and was suspended for 10 games. Pineda also had a foreign substance on his hands during a game earlier this season, but per the link there, it was gone by the time the umps reached the mound. If you do a search for “michael pineda trade”, one of the first things that pops up is an article from New York Magazine titled “Who Won the Michael Pineda/Jesus Montero Trade?” The answer, I used to think, was New York. Now I don’t think either team won. Both teams got guys that showed up to Spring Training overweight and just about useless, and both teams got guys that did something to smear their names in the name of cheating their way to the top. Clearly, Montero paid far too much money for whatever PED he was taking (because it sure didn’t work), and Pineda doesn’t realize that HD TV sees just about everything these days. You can see the tar even in the photo at the link above; did he really think nobody was going to notice? I used to be really bummed about the loss of Pineda. Now, not so much. Hector Noesi didn’t even seal the deal.

I am still working on finding the time to get my second Orioles post done. Tom has been in Europe for the past two or so weeks, doing some touring, so I am home by myself. My back has been aggravated the past few days for some reason, so mostly what I want to do when I get home is just sleep. I am hoping to be able to set aside some time this weekend though, especially for that. In the meantime, see you all at the ballpark! After being at three different parks, it will be nice to be HOME.

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2 Responses to Fridays At Safeco

  1. hap says:

    Megan, come on up to the 300 level with your guest and I’ll give you each a bunch of classic, vintage authentic Mariners baseball cards! ask for me on the first base side of the 300 level!

    • Megan Shear says:

      Whoa! Thanks, Hap! If I remember correctly, you’re in section 323 or so usually? I will see if we can make it up there; I am concerned that the rain might come and make LF just unsittable. 😦 I was going to go see John down on the lower level, but the cards are a mighty tempting offer. 🙂

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