Fridays at Safeco, Saturday Edition

I didn’t get up early enough to write yesterday unfortunately, and was out and about immediately after work, so we’re late again. I am currently watching the end of the Mariners in Houston, with Fernando Rodney pitching the bottom of the 9th. I don’t anticipate this will end well, but stranger things have happened…

IMG_0606I don’t remember when this was taken. I’m not even sure where I was sitting or standing when I took it. I miss two of these guys; fortunately, we still get to see Saunders play.

IMG_0712Yu Darvish, warming up before his first start at Safeco. I had to stand on a chair behind two rows of people to get this shot. Competition for space was fierce, as there were a lot of Japanese fans there that day – both Rangers and Mariners – who wanted to see him, and a lot of Rangers fans had lined up with me to see him. I got squeezed out because I am awful at being aggressive for space, and my friend Eric made sure one of the chairs under the staircase there was bolstered down with his own weight so that I could take photos over people’s heads. If memory serves, it was Yu and Felix starting that day. I don’t remember off the top of my head who won, but it was very likely a good game. I remember a lot of people making fun of the Rangers for spending so much on a contract for this guy, saying that since the Japan leagues and MLB were such different styles, he wouldn’t do as well as advertised. I looked Darvish up on Wikipedia, and discovered that he had 48 complete games under his belt. I was convinced at that moment that he would be exactly as advertised. I was right.

IMG_0840The end of a nice sunny day with the roof open and baseball on the grass. This may be one of my favorite views of the park; it is so definitively Safeco.

As I close, Fernando Rodney just took a bad situation and made it not-so-bad, sealing a one-run game up for the Mariners. I do like Rodney, but have been hesitant to play a lot of faith in him; though I really really want to, and he is slowly winning me over, I think. Arrows flew on the mound, and Astros fans go home unhappy. A very strange game. I missed Justin Smoak’s shot out at the windows in Minute Maid Park, but did see the replay. Very impressive. The road trip has been pretty successful so far.

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