Fridays at Safeco, Camden, and Elsewhere

I put a bunch of stuff in my bag this morning, totally not even remotely thinking about the game tonight, but harboring a vague feeling that I was missing something. Three blocks from home, I realized that the thing I had forgotten was, in fact, my camera. With recent transit drama, the buses around my neighborhood have become less and less reliable, so I stood there for a few moments, debating whether or not to go back home and get it, while weighing how I was also going to make it to work on time. The only option was to keep walking to the bus stop so I could get to work on time, which would enable me to leave on time and not leave my friends waiting this afternoon. Sadly, this means that I will get to watch Jason Vargas pitch, but will not be able to take pictures of any of it. I should note that my bag was already full of my lunch and a package I had to mail out, which would have made things difficult space-wise, but the camera itself was sitting literally right next to the bag. Sometimes I wonder how I tie my shoes in the morning. Sigh.

Anyway, I didn’t get up early enough to post a proper Fridays at Safeco, so I mined some pics from FaceBook from over the past few years at various games. These will be possibly unique for this space, in that I am in a lot of them. Prepare yourselves, hair dye cometh!

safeco7My friend Craig and I at a Yankees game a few years ago, prior to the bullpen remodel. Craig is a Yankees fan. He’s also what I refer to as “one of the good ones” (tongue in cheek, of course). What we lack in agreement on teams, we more than make up for in agreement that baseball is awesome, and so was Mariano Rivera. Craig lives in Boston now, which seems like vague karmic retribution, but he also spends a lot of time a stone’s throw from Fenway, so I’m sort of jealous.

safeco6My friend Julie and I at a Yankees game. Julie’s husband Jesse is a Yankees fan as well, but she is with me on the Mariners. I think I might have been waiting for Erik Bedard to come out and throw, but in the interim this picture was taken.

safeco5Sometimes-writer for this space Daniel Carroll, getting ready to run from first base during a game for his league at Cal Anderson park either last year or the year before. I don’t remember who won, but it was fun to watch him play, and the atmosphere there was nice; summery and urban-y, with basketball games, bicycle polo, and people playing Frisbee all around us. I like dropping in on stuff like this; I’d probably watch a little league game at the park across the street from my house, if it wouldn’t seem weird (because I don’t have kids).

safeco4This is Kevin, obviously on Brendan Ryan t-shirt day. He’s a Mariners fan from way back, and we have been to a few games together, he is a good friend. Kevin has had a rough time of it lately, and, not to bring the room down, but almost died due to an infection in his thoracic cavity. He now has titanium ribs. Like Wolverine. He’s my hero right now, because he went through months of hospitalization and nursing home care, and almost always with his sense of humor intact. He’s awesome.

safeco3My friend Rick and I (and TravelShark!) at the Saturday night Orioles game, my first visit to Camden Yards. As you can see, I’m rocking the O’s shirt and the Ms jersey, just like I do when the O’s come here. This photo was taken on my phone by the girls who were sitting in front of us. They were quite pleasant, and I believe they were O’s fans, even though we were technically sitting in the Blue Jays “section” above the visitor’s dugout. I got those seats so I could take some photos in the O’s dugout; I don’t think I took a single one, but they were excellent seats!

safeco2Me and my friend Cynthia. I got a new scarf the other night before the Sounders game and my friend Julie (same as above) wanted to take our picture all of a sudden. This was the result. Cynthia goes to Cleveland Indians games with me every year, and she takes me to Sounders mid-week games, as her husband works in Bothell and can’t make it downtown in time for the 7PM kickoff. I think it makes a good exchange, personally.

safeco1Proof that Rick and I were on TV! Daniel found a ton of stills via MLB.TV, and posted them to FaceBook for me. This was one of the clearer ones. I guess I’m like super serious when watching baseball. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but the guy to my right in the gray shirt was possibly one of the most unpleasant baseball fans I’ve encountered. Everything about his demeanor made me wonder why he paid so much to sit at a game he was clearly not enjoying. He kept leaning almost over me and paying an uncomfortably close amount of attention every time I put anything on Twitter, or took a picture – which was a lot, so I got tired of him pretty fast. The guy in the neon green sitting a seat away from Rick had moved down to the row in front of us, and Rick and I changed seats so I could get away from the gray shirt guy. So where the neon green shirt is sitting is where Edwin Encarnacion’s bat came through and hit the guy in the row in back of us; that gives you an idea of how close I came to taking a stick in the face. Gray shirt left before he had the opportunity to see his team lose in extras. Too bad.

Well, it’s back to work for the next three hours for me. Then down to our lovely Safeco Field for Kansas City at Mariners and hopefully another win. Maybe less close than last night? We’ll see!


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3 Responses to Fridays at Safeco, Camden, and Elsewhere

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Really cool pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Thanks! I wish I could have shared more – I have tortured many of my friends with games before, and they always enjoy going.

  3. hap says:

    it’s always a good day at the ballpark! Win or lose it’s still baseball! (and it was fun to see you again!)

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