Random Thoughts On the Last Few Games

I had to sleep early yesterday due to an awful night’s sleep the night before, so I missed the game, and now I’m totally kicking myself for that. I even had a small little chance that I could have gone, but by the time the offer was made, I was already falling asleep sitting up just about, so had I gone I would have been absolutely useless today. My allergies are also starting to come in with the hot weather and plants blooming, and I am a mess in the face from the nose up right now; basically, not sure that being outside at a grassy ballpark after walking through my quickly flowering neighborhood off the bus would have been the greatest idea. But when I got up this morning and checked out the box score, I was very pleasantly surprised. We are back over .500 again, and battling for first place in the AL West. I am trying to just take every game as it comes, for I fear getting too excited about things will create horrible disappointment as soon as tomorrow. And yes, I know 3.5 games back isn’t battling per se, but it sort of feels like it. Especially with the Angels and Rangers just behind us. Also, I guess Felix got ejected last night for the first time ever?! Wow.

I watched the tail end of the Mariners Saturday game, then the beginning half later on, after getting Tom from the airport later in the evening. We both sat in awe of what happened to Michael Saunders in the third inning as he chased down a ball that flew into the right field corner. That ankle twist resulted in a hyperextended knee. It’s probably the sciatica that is causing me to be far more sensitive to “smaller” injuries like this, because I cannot imagine trying to rehab something like that to get your way back to playing professional baseball, when all I’m doing as a regular citizen is attempting to get back to walking on a more regular basis. Saunders’ sometime-replacement James Jones (when he’s not replacing Abraham Almonte – pesky utility outfielders!) seems to be doing quite well for himself, which is nice to see in a rookie. I just love seeing him being taken care of by Robinson Cano, too. Cano seems to be serving a role here that guys like Griffey in his return for the 2009 season and part of 2010, or Raul Ibanez, or Chone Figgins could never quite fulfill. We have had a long string of short-term veterans that gave or tried to give some advice, but then they were gone. Knowing Cano will be here for a while is a positive in my eyes, because he can help prop up the next several generations of guys like Jones.  He’ll be here to talk to, encourage and teach our offense, something we have needed for a while now.

I was at the game last Friday, and forgot my camera (as specified in my last post), so no photos of Jason Vargas absolutely owning us through 7 innings, but I had a lot of fun anyway, and need to give a shout once again to upper deck crew supervisor Hap, for absolutely making my friend Dee’s night by giving her two throwback KC Royals baseball cards. She couldn’t stop talking about it all night long, it really made quite an impression on her. Thanks! Brandon Maurer didn’t do terribly well in my eyes, but he threw only 73 or so pitches over 7 innings and change, and apparently Lloyd McClendon was OK with it, so whatever. I got my tacos, the weather remained decent, and I was at the ballpark, so I can’t complain too much. Late in the game, the big screen focused on the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox game, where Yu Darvish was in the process of possibly throwing a no-hitter. But it was almost like we cast some sort of curse on the situation, because no sooner had the stadium tuned in, than David Ortiz smacked a single past second base to ruin it. At least Darvish has a sense of humor about his second attempt at a no-hitter, saying through an interpreter, “Someday, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and I’ll probably have another record of almost a no-hitter.” Sometimes you just have to laugh, I suppose. Darvish still shut Boston out, so he didn’t lose out on too much.

I have been only vaguely paying attention to the Tacoma Rainiers, but it sounds like they’ve been doing well enough lately. Over .500 like their major league big brother, and only one game back in the PCL Northern.  I guess they got clobbered by the Las Vegas 51s the other night, which is kind of a bummer, but fortunately the season is still young! I need to try and get down there a few Fridays when the Ms are out of town, or if I have a Saturday Ms game I need to go to, like the 24th 1970s Turn Back the Clock Night, that I am planning on attending. My next game is actually going to be the 22nd, the M’s Salute to Sriracha Night. Say what you want, it’s still one of my favorite condiments, and has been since before it became more widely popular. Yes, that is right, I just got hipster on you about sriracha. This going to games as they come up thing has worked pretty well for me so far, though I do really miss having the season ticket plan; but getting to do the Friday night thing works far better with my sleep and work schedule. If anyone from the front office happens to stumble over this post, maybe that is a good idea for a ticket package? Every Friday? Just a thought!

Alright, back to work, and spacey allergy meds. The invisible enemy needs to go back to sleep very soon. If it doesn’t, my summer – and baseball season – is going to be quite miserable.


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