Fridays at Safeco, Late!

Chilling out at home watching the Twins beat the pants off the Ms, but still enjoying watching Justin Smoak rob Chris Parmelee of an infield single. And the subsequent Dustin Ackley-ing of Caleb Thielbar. And now another run driven in! Mariners baseball!

Anyway, I know it’s probably pretty late in the game (pardon the pun), but the Bacon and Beer Classic is happening at Safeco tomorrow from 12PM -4PM, then again at 6PM -10PM. It’s a $60 ticket, but that gets you all you can eat/drink. Designated drivers get in for half that price. I am actually hosting a sort of baseball-themed shindig of my own here, watching the 4PM Mariners game, and then Tom and I intend to make hot dog sliders (bunned dogs cut in half, with a massive condiment bar) for some 25+ people; so basically, I shot myself in the foot here. Hot dog party (that doesn’t sound quite right) will still be pretty fun, but I am hoping the Bacon and Beer Classic is an annual thing, because I’d really like to make sure I go next year.

In any event, I decided to take a look at some of my older photos, and came up with three that I liked for today. I didn’t have a theme in mind particularly, but it turned out to be past Mariners that I miss, which turned into past FanFests. So here we go!

IMG_0297Brendan Ryan at FanFest a while ago. I miss Brendan Ryan like there is no tomorrow. His defense during his time here was, bar none, some of the best I’ve ever seen. He had a glorious personality, he fit well here. I still miss him, regardless of his batting average or whatever other faults one might find. However, as I was mentioning to a co-worker today, I find Brad Miller to be an excellent defensive replacement. I am accustomed to getting out of the frying pan only to slip back into the fire with some of our position players; but I dig a Brad Miller. If he can get his bat up to speed while maintaining that defense, and do so for a few years? Ooooo doggies!

IMG_0319Brandon League and Casper Wells. So this was FanFest 2012. Even though that team really did little for me, it’s the personalities I remember most. League didn’t last the year – if memory serves, he wound up down in LA eventually, where he still hangs out with the Dodgers, and poor Casper Wells seems to have just faded into obscurity. I wish both of them had done better for us, but there is no controlling baseball. It just does what it does, and the best you can hope for is a few wins here and there.

IMG_0280Did you know that the roof does this? Well, you do now. I cannot remember exactly what happened, but it seems that it was probably raining because FanFest happens in January, and that’s how we roll here in Seattle; rain and five layers of clothing and two mittens. If memory serves (and lately it’s spotty at best), something mechanical actually went wrong. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even aware the thing came in sections to begin with, so it was a surprise all ’round.

Tom Wilhelmsen just finished up the 8th, and I just got notice that I’m going fishing tomorrow, so I actually need to start looking at bedtime right now, at not-even-8PM on a Friday. Hopefully the Ms are able to get past Glen Perkins and either tie the game or at least get a run ahead….


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