Miguel Olivo, Recoveries, and Sriracha

It’s not a very clever title, but I’m in a rush…

Yesterday morning, I found out that former Mariners catcher Miguel Olivo had managed to get himself into a dugout altercation with teammate Alex Guerrero over a missed pickoff throw. That’s not really the interesting part, as baseball players do occasionally fight, and sometimes they fight people on their own team. No, the interesting part is that Olivo had reportedly bitten off part of Guerrero’s ear. Later yesterday afternoon, it was reported that Olivo had been suspended (at which point I figured that the ear part of that was likely no longer a rumor), and today, the Dodgers let him go.  Apparently, Olivo threw a bit of a fit early in the season, when he was reassigned to the minors, and he didn’t like that, either. Olivo may have just ended his playing career with this little stunt, but it seems to have just been a matter of time. If you’re 36 years old and won’t accept a minor league assignment and then wind up biting off someone’s ear, I figure surely your career is just about done. I don’t even want to know how angry a person has to be to take a bite out of another human being. I can’t imagine there will be too many other minor league players who will be interested in having him on a team. I pulled for him when he was here – with no real reason whatsoever, other than that he wore a Mariners uniform – but we need a little less crazy in the MLB.  Meanwhile, in Arlington, Hisashi Iwakuma spent some time besting the Rangers, with help from our offense. 6-2. Good job, boys! From what I understand, there was no biting in Texas that day.

In current-Mariners news, James Paxton and Taijuan Walker are getting better and may be able to return to the rotation soon! I would love to see both of them here before the season ends, and the simulated games this week seem to have gone well. I am of course wary; I hope they are not rushing recovery out of any sort of desperation (though technically speaking, we’re still doing OK, hovering only a little bit below .500), but I would really like to see them both come back sometime in June. At least before the All-Star Break. I’m actually a little sad to admit that I keep forgetting that Logan Morrison even has a Mariners contract. It’s been about two months, and it feels like forever. I don’t know how bad I should want Morrison back though. As much as I tried, it was difficult to get a feel for how he did in spring training, and I rather like the lineup as it is now, for the most part.

Tonight is Mariners Salute to Sriracha Night, and my friend Gray decided that he needed to go, so I am meeting Tom at Henry’s pub after work, with a co-worker who is coming along with us. Gray’s girlfriend had to cancel at the last minute, sadly. The weather looks great out at the moment, and if it stays warm out, I feel I must have the milkshake that is being offered, rather than the hot dog or fries. I am just glad to have a game to go to on such a nice day. Saturday should be fun too!

Lastly, I have decided that the Ms are doing so well so early in the year, that if they come out over .500 to finish, I will get a tattoo that involves a Mariners thing. I know what it is, but I am waiting until September to design it, so no pictures until then. Mostly, it’s an excuse to get some work done, but I think it’s about time. I’ve been a fan for long enough and that doesn’t seem to be going away, so I figure it’s about time. Go Ms!


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1 Response to Miguel Olivo, Recoveries, and Sriracha

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like some ball players are very expensive children with childish tantrums. Too bad some of us don’t grow up.

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