Thirty Minutes of Mariners. And A Bit of Coors.

As I clock out for lunch at noon PST, the Mariners have apparently beaten the Braves yet again, 2-0 under the watchful eye of Hisashi Iwakuma. I wish my building wasn’t so terribly full of electronics, and I could get an AM radio signal at my desk, rather than a high-pitched radio squeal that only I and dogs can hear. I miss listening to games on the radio. But we’re back up above .500. Whether or not that is sustainable, I don’t know. I sure hope it is. The 2014 Mariners may slowly be replacing the 2009 Mariners as my favorite team; that was a fun year, though, so it’s going to take a lot. Still a lot of ball to be played, we’ll see.

When last I was at a game with sometime-writer-here Daniel Carroll, we had discussed the situation with Miguel Olivo being let go by the Dodgers for biting off a part of a teammate’s ear. About 3-4 days after that, Ryan Divish posted this article, wherein he came to the same conclusion. There are cleared benches, beanballs, verbal spats, and a player can apparently attack a manager in the dugout, but cannibalism is strictly forbidden! I don’t wish Olivo any more luck. He made his bed, he can lie in it. I just find it funny that it was this – and not his actual ball playing skills – that was the last straw for the world of baseball.

Speaking of sometime-writer-here Daniel Carroll, he is currently on a small bowling and baseball-oriented trip with some friends, and is going to see both the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants. He has already gone to Coors Field, and here he is doing exactly what I want to do when I finally get there, sitting above the mile-high seats:

dacarI actually want to sit in the purple row, because I’m a tourist that way, but that trip is still a ways off. If I’m going to keep checking out stadiums, I want to be able to do at least two at a time, and geographically, I don’t know how Coors will work. I do have friends over that way, though (just like a lot of major cities, I am very fortunate), so it might be doable. And I like Denver as a city in general, and would like to go back to hang out in Boulder a bit, so we’ll see what time brings.

While I would love to know what the expletive is that Lloyd McClendon uses in this article, that’s not the focal point for me. I am still trying to get a grip on McClendon as a manager. I have had a difficult time with that due to not being able to watch as many games or read as much news as I’d like, but I have found myself leaning towards liking him quite a bit. Whereas Eric Wedge rarely smiled and didn’t get results, McClendon rarely smiles and has taken the proper steps (in my opinion) to get the results he is claiming to be seeking. It seems like we used to let guys who weren’t doing well languish on the major league roster for far longer than they should, constantly making excuses for why they were still in the big club and using them in situations they should never be used. McClendon doesn’t seem to do that. Whether this team’s current success is due to the guys on the roster settling in, or McClendon’s management style, or the combination of veteran and eager young newbies, I really have no idea. But so far, 2014 has not been an awful season. I didn’t expect us to run away with a pennant or anything, but I certainly didn’t expect this. This Mariners team has been fun. They’ve been good, and while they don’t seem to be as maybe “fun” as the guys from 2009, they are clearly getting the work done, and I can’t argue with results. Nor do I want to.

And now I have to clock back in. Happy five-game winning streak, everyone!

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