Fridays At Safeco: Bullpen Edition

The Mariners start a kind of weird four-game series tonight with the Rays before heading back to play the Yankees for three more games home here. Monday’s game starts at 10AM PST, but that is still a rigorous schedule, for any human being. I am beat after one day of flying for 5-6 hours. Commercial flight is more brutal than a charter, I would imagine (no layovers!), but wow. I don’t know how they do it. I am kind of happy, though, that the Yankees games are mid-week; I want to go next Saturday, and didn’t want to have to battle for decent seats in LF (or any seats at all, given that LF and CF sell out pretty quickly for the larger ticket games). Plus, I really don’t need to hear it from Seattle-based Yankees fans; so everything pretty much works out for me. I am also stoked that I can watch (or listen to) just about every game in this series due to earlier start times.

Anyway, here are some actually quite-recently-taken photos!

IMG_4848This is as close as you get to a still life in baseball. It’s not exactly a bowl of fruit on a table with sunbeams coming through a window somewhere, but it will do for me.

IMG_4851Roenis Elias is throwing a baseball right at you! This was taken during Salute to Sriracha Night, a game against the Astros that we won 3-1. It was my friend Allison’s first time at a game, and we were able to – with the help of fellow Ms fan Carla – get her a BP ball. Carla also helped my friend Alex get a ball just last Friday. I’m not good at being loud, nor do I know the bullpen staff downstairs, or the pitchers, but Carla is and does. If you remember, from 2009, she is one of the ladies that took on the responsibility for the bullpen’s gladiator helmets, once MLB told the team that such objects in the pen were forbidden. We are all fans in our own way, but Carla is undoubtedly one of the biggest Mariners fans I have ever met.

Speaking of the bullpen…

IMG_4883IMG_4885IMG_4886IMG_4887They are not the guys from 2009, but they still have weird little things that they do. In 2008, I don’t remember a lot of this going on; I also don’t remember how I got so preoccupied with the bullpen in 2009. Maybe it’s just my being still relatively new to the game, but I didn’t particularly notice the Orioles, Nats, or Phillies bullpens doing stuff like this. I’d like to think that this is just a little bit of John Wetteland that has survived through some sort of legend or word of mouth the past few years; in reality, it’s probably just something they do that I have missed due to the 2010 bullpen being so lackluster after Wetteland left, and we were headed once again for a 101-game loss season. Carla and I have actually talked about how we both miss Wetteland. He is retired now, which bums me out tremendously; and I guess I have Eric Wedge to blame for that. What a waste of talent. We should have kept him on for much longer; he was able to get a group of guys to be so cohesive they were considered one of the best bullpens in baseball, on a .500 team. Some of those guys included both Carlos Silva and Miguel Batista He Who Shall Not Be Named, pitchers who were generally considered to be middling at best, severely declining at worst; guys with attitudes so awful they made me loathe them just for that alone. But Wetteland and his quirks made them smile in the pen, and at least appear to be a happy, solid part of the team. And for that, I will always love him.

Well, it’s time for a slightly shorter work day for me, and then home to some baseball and tacos. Happy Friday, everyone!

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2 Responses to Fridays At Safeco: Bullpen Edition

  1. Jerry Goodman says:

    I so enjoy your pics and posts. I can only watch on TV the games down here in Vancouver (ya know- if aint the ducks, agh-h-h-h) then it cant be reported. I loved when the bull pen wore the helmets – the baseball curmudgeons seem to spoil any fun in place of the big one – namely bucks, bucks, bucks.My only wish is that the seattle “Mundanes” will become a little less mundane so I won’t pass out in deep sleep. I wish you had the the keys to the sound room and the talent to play the keyboard with ol’ timey baseball tunes. Instead the steady and painful diet of cowbells which on my tv sounds like bent-up hubcaps. Great pictures and one can’t get them elsewhere Thanks

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