East Coast Trip Video Post

I have been meaning to get to this for ages, so it’s about time. I know the whole east coast trip is old news to the handful of you that read this, but I have new material!

First, though, while I missed Monday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox, I woke up to a text from a friend and the box score in my inbox, and was immediately kicking myself for not making more of an effort to watch it. I made up for that last night, and witnessed the Mariners taking the series away from the 2013 World Series winners, with the capable help of Logan Morrison and Kyle Seager, who hit a 397-ft (I think that is what they measured it as, I don’ t have time right now to look it up) home run, and literally, “Hit It Here”, as the ball bounced off the café window over right field. It was a sight to behold; in all my time here, the only time I have seen that window hit was by Ichiro, during one of the USSM/LL events, when we were sitting up in the 300 section, listening to the bloggers and front office talk. And that was during batting practice! I can’t imagine the sound it must have made in the restaurant, and do wish they had gotten better live video of people jumping away from the window, but it was fun enough just to watch it happen, and I will totally settle for that.

Tonight, I’m heading down to the stadium after work to hopefully catch a sweep. I am not sure if the Boston pitchers are bad, our hitters are going through a hot streak, or both, but I will take it. And tonight Hisashi Iwakuma goes up against Clay Buchholz, who is experiencing an 8.56 ERA in his last three starts with a 0-1 record, while Iwakuma is sitting at 3.98 with a 1-1 record. The Sox better hope that Buchholz holds up, because if he doesn’t, we get their bullpen again, and that seems to be part of the problem for them right now. Thursday we get a break, and then I get to see Chris Young in person finally, on Friday night.

In any event, I took some video while I was out at east coast ballparks, and rediscovered something I knew already; that the memory card on my camera is actually much smaller than I would sometimes like. I will be rectifying that on my next trip. So here is what I got and what I was able to keep…

As Rick and I were walking around the Washington Nationals stadium looking for “W” pretzels, we wound up walking literally the entire way around the main concourse, and ran into this mobile, which I know I had posted pictures of before, but here it is in action. In  the event the audio is terrible (and it might be), it plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as well:

If memory serves, this hangs over the main entrance, much like our “Batting 1.000” sculpture at Safeco.

At Citizens Bank, of course, it was Asian Pacific Celebration Night, and sadly this one was where I had the most problem with the camera memory. There were a lot of performances peppered in before the game and between innings. I know the Mariners do a similar thing, but this one puts Safeco’s to shame. After I had finished up my cheesesteak and was enjoying my can of Yuengling near the BBQ shack over right field, we were met up with by a group of Chinese dragons!

They later did a dance on the field prior to the game which I attempted to get on video, but had to delete because it crashed my camera. I did, however, get one of the two pieces played by a taiko group along the first baseline below us:

It’s a four-minute-long piece, the first one, which was what took up the space that night. The sound should be pretty good on that one, and my camera work is impeccable! I also, of course, ahd to catch some of the Phanatic’s antics on the field:

And Steve Cishek’s strange set before his submariner delivery against the Phillies. Super cool, but it did not assist the Marlins in winning.

The Baltimore Orioles fans make the National Anthem a bit of a crowd participation thing. My friend Craig (Yankees fan) has been to Camden a few times, and told me about this. I nearly forgot about it the first night, but people’s rhythm being what it is in large groups, was able to participate that time. Sunday, though, I was determined to get it on film for posterity. Here is the result:

Lastly, this is TravelShark. Or Fingershark, whichever. This is Rick’s. I have a TravelTiger (I have yet to get a good shot of it), but I didn’t when this video was taken. As the Toronto Blue Jays were absolutely murdering my Birds that afternoon, and the oppressive heat and humidity started to get to us, this happened:

I wish I had more to share, I really do. It is looking more and more like my trip next year will be a drive to California stadiums for the Angels, Giants, Dodgers, Padres, and A’s. I haven’t been on a super long driving trip for ages, and kind of want to do that again, particularly as it doesn’t involve having to lift heavy musical gear, and I might actually get a few decent night’s sleep out of the situation this time.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting out of work at 4.30 today, and then coming back for Friday’s game against the Indians. As always, go Mariners!





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  1. Mom says:

    I only could see pictures when I clicked on the Comment section of your first page blog. Great photos.

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