Walker?! I hardly Seager!

So last night was Taijuan Walker’s big debut into the major leagues at Minute Maid Park in Houston. The final score was 10-4. That is totally fine with me, but I’d like to see more of Walker against better teams. Houston’s relief corps had as awful a time at it as their starter Colin McHugh, and many hits and home runs were given up last night to the Mariners. Walker, meanwhile, obtained 6 strikeouts during his 6 full innings on the hill, and allowed three runs, two of which were homers…I know Walker is supposed to be a Pretty Big Deal(tm), and it is the Astros, so I’m not running any flags up any poles just yet. But I am on the verge of saluting, because it is mere days before the All Star break, and the Mariners are 7 games out of first place in the AL West. Using win/loss percentages, at .542, we are the fourth best team in the American League right now. Yes. The Mariners are the fourth best team in the AL; behind Oakland, Toronto, and the Angels in that order. We all might want to sit down for a moment.

Speaking of offense, it’s not like I haven’t noticed before now, but Kyle Seager is turning into quite the little batsman. Robinson Cano has taken Seager under his wing and has apparently been mentoring him into a .657 SLG. Seager has been doing remarkably well at home of course, and Cano feels that he will still do well in other parks. It may be because I haven’t been able to watch every game, but I’m not noticing much of a difference home or away. When Seager comes up to the plate, something really cool is probably about to happen. I haven’t looked up the number differences (it’s not even 5AM yet, cut me some slack), but I have been enjoying what I’ve seen, and while I am generally more of a small ball person (taking little bites out of the opposition fills me with a bizarre sort of glee), I have been enjoying this season, where I have seen more home runs coming off Mariners bats than ever before in my going-on-seven years as a baseball fan. Seager has been a terror against opposing pitchers, and a joy to watch. These days, I normally sit in left field, and I have had to stand up more than a few times to see balls hit into Edgar’s Lower, or the visitor’s bullpen below.

Really, this post has no other purpose other than a quick early morning “Yay!!!” and to get me writing a bit. Strange things are afoot here in Mariners Land. I’m going to enjoy it and hope that it continues for the rest of the year. Things are looking good right now. Very, very good.


EDIT: All this and humility too. I do love a pitcher, but I think I might have a new favorite at the bat. Also, it’s interesting to me that MLB still gives away watches. One of the things I found interesting when I was visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame was the fact that early on, players were given pocket watches for achievements. I don’t know how many people even wear watches when we all have phones now, but it is an interesting piece of history that has persisted.

EDIT: I apparently love the word “interesting” at 5 in the morning…

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2 Responses to Walker?! I hardly Seager!

  1. Mom says:

    Great writing as usual. You ARE becoming one of those folks with all the stats at your fingertips.

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Thanks, mom; but I have to look a lot of that stuff up, even still. 😉

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