Rodney, Paxton, And a Bit of Baltimore

We are now a few days removed from the Fernando Rodney blown save that a lot of media folks have labeled “Arrowgate”. I slept through most of Sunday’s game, but turned the TV on in the 8th inning, when Rodney was just coming in. I was too groggy to really focus on the game until it was too late, so I didn’t see the “arrow” fired at the Angel’s dugout, and didn’t even know what happened until about maybe an hour later. A lot of people seem to be upset about it, but I am not one of them. I like the arrow, and I like the fact that Rodney was cocky enough to fire it at the dugout. It was only Rodney’s 3rd blown save on the year, so I can cut him some slack. Baseball is also about the characters in the game, and we have a character in Fernando Rodney. The Angels starter Tyler Skaggs was a little bent about it, referring to it as “ridiculous”, but Skaggs maybe should spend some more time in the majors before he starts telling veterans what is ridiculous or not. I love the fact that Albert Pujols and Mike Trout fired back their own arrows after the Angels won the game, proof positive that the only true enemies in the game of baseball are really the fans. Pujols said he’d been waiting 15 years to finally be able to do it. Clearly, these guys respect each other and are friends; there is no reason at all to be upset over the action, but we should be upset over the loss, if only for the fact that we need all the Ws we can get right now. My only problem with the entire thing is that Rodney’s performance wasn’t quite good enough to back up his actions. I find it funny that people are still talking about it, but the main furor has died down.

Seattle has been playing the Mets the last few days, and while last night’s game with starter Erasmo Ramirez was a bit of a wash (in spite of his not-too-shabby pitching), Monday night’s game was pretty impressive. Starter Roenis Elias left the game in the middle of the 6th inning with some arm or hand cramps, and was replaced by Dominic Leone, who gave up an almost-homer to Travis d’Arnaud. Dustin Ackley shocked and amazed everyone by tracking the ball to the back wall in left field, and jumping up against the pads, his arm stretched as far as he could stretch it, and catching that hit in the netting of his glove right in front of the watchful eyes of the Mets bullpen. I was thankful that I was at home; had I been at the game, I would likely have been sitting over left field and would not have been able to see what happened. But since I was on the couch at home, it all unfolded in front of me. A brilliant play. I don’t have access to the .gif someone made at the moment, but if you’re willing to sit through an annoying commercial, Adam Jude has video at the Times here.

Currently, James Paxton is working on rehabbing enough to, I’m assuming, be able to come up in September, if not sooner. He had a start in Everett last week (I wanted to go but money and weekend plans conspired against me) wherein he pitched 42 balls, 26 for strikes, and left in the 3rd; sadly, the Aquasox lost that game, but that doesn’t seem to be out of the norm this year, as the Sox appear to be having a lot of issues winning games. Paxton made another start for the Tacoma Rainiers last night (again,  I wanted to go but could not) that could have been both better and worse, and it looks like he will make another start there on Sunday. I can’t make that one, either. I have an appointment with the Baltimore Orioles that afternoon.

Speaking of which, after today’s afternoon game that starts in here in a bit, the Mariners of course start a four-game series with the Orioles. Taijuan Walker is starting for the Ms against the Mets today so that Hisashi Iwakuma and Felix Hernandez could be pushed back to tomorrow and Friday, respectively. There was some degree of fuss being made over this, wondering why Lloyd McClendon would do this a second time on the year, but frankly if I’m managing the third in the AL West and the team is widely regarded to make a possible go at the Wild Card this year, I want my best guys up against the best in the AL East, and one of the current best teams in the game for 2014. For my part, I am finally making my years-long dream of attending a full Orioles series come true and will be attending all four games. I love series like this, because both of these teams I love, they are both doing well, and regardless of who loses, I win. I don’t have to tear any hair out, especially while the Orioles are doing so well against Anaheim and are still being trailed significantly by the New York Yankees.

And it looks like the game is actually streaming on 710 ESPN (I don’t know that this has been the case before) today, so I have to clock back in from lunch, listen to some baseball, and get back to work. Take the series out of the subway, boys!


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