Some Mariners Math

Due to some unforeseen personal issues, I wasn’t able to watch the game last night until about the 5th inning. The score was a bit closer than the previous games at 2-0, which I expected due to the mystery and flash of the knuckleball, but RA Dickey isn’t dealing with the  2010, 2011, or 2012 Mariners. We hit now. We show power. We have a higher degree of talent at baserunning. We got two runs against a knuckler and his relief corps. I will always love RA, and I figured if it turned out we couldn’t hit him, I’d satisfy myself with taking the series; but the Mariners said “We’re not your guy, buddy!” and swept the Blue Jays at home before their day off today. Fantastic!

I have been listening to ESPN all day today so far, and I have to admit, it is making me want to attend every single home game in September. I’m not sure if I can do that, or how I would be able to do that, but I’m going to spend the remainder of August trying to figure it out. As it is, I am already convinced that I’m going to be able to witness some in-person playoff baseball. That could come crumbling down on me after the mess of CA teams that is going to be this next month, but right now, it seems terribly appealing. I’ve been keeping my Twitter widget up at the side of the blog here, as it might literally be the only way I have to keep updates coming, especially at the rate things are going with the team. If I can’t make every game, I’ll suffer some sleep deprivation to at least watch them until the end. Either way, September is going to be very exciting and very sleepy.

A lot of numbers have been tossed around today, so I decided to look some things up and take a look at the overall picture as well. I am not an organized person, so in no particular order…. In Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, and Dustin Ackley, we have the three guys who have played in the most games this year. They have .867, .820, and .682 OPS, respectively. To make up for what Ackley lacks there, Chris Taylor fills in with 17 games in  a Mariners uniform, at .877 OPS. Three home run hitters in the double digits; Cano(10), Seager(18), and Mike Zunino(18). Doubles are also nuts this year, with Cano(28), Seager(26), Ackley(22), and Zunino(16), with an honorable mention for off-again, on-again Mariner Justin Smoak at 13. Batting averages are also at a high. We have two guys over .300 (Taylor, Cano), and seven players (seven!!!) over .250. Cano leads everyone in intentional walks at 15. Six Mariners have OBP numbers over .300. Kyle Seager clocks in at 73 RBI, and is followed closely by Robinson Cano at 66. The next two highest RBI numbers are Ackley(46) and Zunino(45). Mike Zunino also leads the team in strikeouts at 116, but we won’t talk about that.

In my short time as a Mariners fan, I haven’t really seen numbers like this. Every once in a while, a guy will show us some good math, but these conditions we are seeing have never applied since 2007/8. I don’t even have to go into pitching, because we all know how good our pitching is; it’s been good for a long time now. We are watching Felix make history, Hisashi Iwakuma is still performing in spite of staring off the season on kind of a negative note due to injury, and Chris Young has been a marvelous surprise. I can’t say enough good things about our ridiculous bullpen, and I’m writing on limited time now, so I’m not even going to try.

Playoff baseball. If we can hold our heads above water, it’s coming. I had made plans on Saturday, but with a Felix Hernandez/David Price matchup, I may have to cancel those. I can go kayaking anytime; but I cannot see sports history every day. I’m so giddy it’s ridiculous now. Usually I’m happy for a break in games like today; but I really want to be able to go home and watch a Mariners game. Baseball has been fun enough this year, but now we’re getting down to the wire, and I believe we have a month and a half more fun than we might even know right now. Tomorrow we start a three-game series with the Detroit Tigers. I do believe I’ll treat myself to some cider at the pub down the street after work and allow all of this to wash over me. I haven’t been this excited about the Mariners since I was new. It’s good to be new again!

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