Mariners Thank Fans With Fun Video

I haven’t had very much time lately to sit and write, which is a shame because the Orioles are thick in the ALDS right now and doing very well. But I wanted to share this video with  lot of moments from this year that I remember, and a lot I never saw due to not being able to watch various games during the year:

I may need some time to properly collect myself and my thoughts on the 2014 Mariners season, and I have a lot of photos and video to share from the last series. Sadly, I was leaving the stadium while Tom Wilhelmsen was going about his final dance of the year to “Turn Down For What“, but a simple Google search brings this hilarity up, where pitching coach Rick Waits not only joins him on the field during batting practice, but may have out danced him. It’s the throw of the glove and stripping off of the jacket that makes it:

I am sad that I was never at a game where Wilhelmsen did this (or at least not there when he did it). It seems as if it might have happened during season ticket holder early entry days, which I was unable to participate in this year, but I plan to fix that next year.

I watched a bit of the Tigers and Orioles at OPACY on Thursday, got home just in time to catch it from about the 4th inning, but was unable to watch yesterday. I downloaded MLB’s At Bat app to keep track of it and was certainly notified of their win (was faxing documents at the time, and actually did a bit of a dance in the office when it happened), but it wasn’t until later last night (a clip) and then again this morning (rerun of the game on MLBN) that I was actually able to witness the big move in the 8th inning that pushed the Orioles into victory against a very tired-looking Joba Chamberlain:

Generally speaking, I have nothing against Joba Chamberlain. I might even like him as a concept; but I’ll be damned if he isn’t one of the most tragic figures in baseball to me, and always has been. From what I understand, he comes from a very turbulent family background, and has been able to make a great living playing the game, but whenever I think of him, the image of him being attacked by gnats while pitching for the Yankees against the Cleveland Indians in 2007, or his constantly sad face always spring forward and just make me feel sorry for him. I am sure I shouldn’t, but his current 108.00 ERA just makes me terrifically sad. I am not sure why Brad Ausmus insists on continuing to run him out there against the Orioles, but I fear for Chamberlain in Detroit if his manager continues this trend.


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