Yay Kyle Seager!

I fail so hard at keeping up lately, but the Mariners have made some news today that I am exceedingly happy about, so here we go on a very short ride…

Kyle Seager has been locked down! Er, at the time of this writing is at least very close to it. Depending on which source you go to, he is one or the other. I was just browsing Twitter in an effort to catch up as fast as possible and I am seeing followers and followees mentioning something to the effect that people don’t know who Seager is, which is absolutely flooring to me. The guy won a Gold Glove this year! He has started to become one of the most common jerseys in Safeco, and has inspired small fan sections at other teams’ fields. Maybe it’s just the small sphere of baseball I live in, but how do people just gloss over Seager’s performance this year, and then not realize that the deal we are giving him is the best thing we could have done for the team? Has the fan base really become that apathetic that a kid who is the best third baseman we have had since Adrian Beltre (plus hitting!) is unrecognizable as a player worthy of signing on for the next five years? Or is this on a national level? Because if it is, that is almost more shameful than locals not knowing who he is. Then again, I have not come to expect much from the national media where it concerns the Mariners. Due to our work filters (apparently ESPN is OK but SBN isn’t) I can’t check Lookout Landing and unfortunately USS Mariner hasn’t updated for a while either, so as I try to break the land speed record for typing, I have very little other information about this situation. But I know enough to be happy about it, and right now that is all that matters. As early Christmas presents go, this isn’t a bad one.

I am still saving up for my trip to Colorado next year, and trying to choose which team to spend a few games with at Coors Field. While it would be nice to see the Diamondbacks or the Mariners while I am there, I sort of developed this thing where I prefer to cheer for the team whose stadium I am at. I don’t know that I would be able to enjoy my first time at another team’s stadium if I was against them, and I don’t want to irritate the locals, either, so for a few days in 2015, I will be a Rockies fan. A Rockies fan maybe wearing a Mariners jersey, but a Rockies fan nonetheless. Right now, the Brewers and the Reds look like good frontrunners, but the Padres are also going to be in Denver at some point next summer, and it would be pretty easy to be on Colorado’s side against a team I’m already supposed to dislike (but don’t really feel one way or the other about, much like the Marlins in DC and Philly last year).

Sometime eventually I will a have a Coors Field preview, and I am planning on going for two games; one in the mile-high row (like the tourist I will be), and one down front so I can get a good look at everything. More to follow. Hoping more Mariners news will come soon, I am ready to hear it.

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