Mariners Post-FanFest Invitation, Happy New Year

So it’s the 31st of December. When baseball season ended, I felt that this date was a long way off, and that I would spend most of the winter months suffering the drought of baseball. Now, baseball seems closer than ever, and the calendar looks like this: Mariners Fan Fest, the Super Bowl (marking the end of football – finally – and the beginning of hopes for the 2015 baseball season) less than 60 days until pitchers and catchers report, just over 90 days until the home opener, and the first Opening Day I will be taking off as my own personal national holiday from here on out. Breakfast beer and an early afternoon game I don’t have to drive to or fight people for parking for? Yes, please! Let’s do this!

To that end, I am attempting to organize a post-Fan Fest meetup to discuss baseball, beer, and whatever else knocks your hair back, after the first day of Mariners Fan Fest, Saturday January 24th.

  • Date: January 24th, 2015
  • Time: Any time after 5pm
  • Place: Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle. Here is a link with directions and other information, but what the link doesn’t tell you, I gladly will. Beveridge Place is my favorite hangout in my neighborhood. They have an incredible selection of not-all-IPA beers from all over the country and world, an extensive list of ciders on draft and in bottle, and a pretty good wine list (though I never go there for that). They have a few snacks available for cheap – peanuts, crackers, that sort of thing, but what they lack in menu items, they make up for in neighbors. You can order from Zeek’s Pizza, Kokoras Greek Grill, the Feedback Lounge, Peel and Press, and a few other places in the area. Most of them will deliver to the building, and the delivery people are near-magical in their ability to locate their customers in a crowded building. Beveridge itself is a very cozy place with pool tables, darts, board games, wooden everything, and comfy chairs and benches. It’s like hanging out in your grandparents’ house, if your grandparents knew, like, everything about beer. The side room also features numerous TVs and a shuffleboard table, ideal for any sort of sports gathering.

So come and join myself and some friends and talk Mariners baseball, kick back with an excellent brew, and ponder aloud what Jack Zduriencik, Lloyd McClendon and 25-40 new and familiar faces might have to offer us in 2015. If this one is a success, perhaps we’ll do another in the middle of the season, when the summer beers come out to play.

In the meantime, have a great evening, everyone. Stay safe and be happy and hopefully we’ll see you in the New Year!

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