Mariners Fan Fest Is Coming!

It’s that time of year again! The Mariners have released details for Fan Fest 2015, which takes place on January 24th and 25th.

I always look at Fan Fest as the sort of halfway mark between the dreary Seattle winter, and the main event of Opening Day. Even if it is snowing, or pouring down rain, or sunny and 20F, I look forward to going. It’s an opportunity to get into the ballpark for the first time since the final game of September, and the buzz of activities on, in, and around the field is always good to gear one up for the approaching season. It is maybe one of the few times during any given year that I actually look forward to standing in any line for upwards of an hour to get in somewhere. I throw on every coat I own, wear two pairs of socks, and pack myself in with thousands of other fans to listen to players new and old speak to the stadium, see little kids and their families running around with oversize Mariners gear on, and say hi to friends and acquaintances that I might not see except at Fan Fest. It’s a great way to kill about 6 hours or so. Also, usually my first hot dog of the year.

CaptureI plan on taking part in Select-a-Seat, as I now have enough saved for a suitable down payment on my two seats. This year, the Mariners have switched their 16-game plans to 20-game plans, so the price has gone up, but 20-40-81 makes more sense as a season. Here is a full list of players and personnel scheduled to appear over the weekend. I didn’t used to think much of it, but now I kind of love the fact that Jay Buhner and Dan Wilson are always at Fan Fest. A few years of learning about their legacy here in Seattle has given me a better appreciation for their presence at this event.

Keep in mind, too, that there will be a post-event meetup at Beveridge Place in West Seattle, hope to see you there!

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