Mariners Refuse to Abuse 5K, And How You Can Help

Yep. After years of wanting to and either forgetting to set the date aside, or planning things on top of it, I am finally going to participate in this. The Mariners have been holding this event for quite a few years now, and I have never gone due to my own negligence, so now is the time. Since this is a baseball blog and I don’t want to get into some of my own life experiences here (no, I have never been abused, but I have had friends who have been), but suffice to say it’s a subject that hits a bit close to home with me.

I’m not a runner or athlete of any kind, but I can walk like a crazy person and not get tired, and 3+ miles is really not that much of a big deal for me. If the weather is cool (which is a big if, in July), I will even wear a full-body fleece set of pajamas I got that make me look like a big cat. I don’t know anything about 5K events, but I have seen enough pictures to know that people dress up and wear funny hats and whatnot, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on any fun. If it’s hot, I’ll opt for something maybe a bit more sensible, like exercise clothing, and probably toss on some Mariners gear for good measure.

In any event, you can learn about the event here and register for it (a $40 fee gets you on their list), learn more about it here at this link, and it benefits these fine folks at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, whose website helped me help my friends.  If you’d like to help me raise more money, I have a donation site located here, with a picture of me in the aforementioned fleece PJs.

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