Spring Training – Not Just For Seattle Anymore

Firing up the computer at the bottom of the 4th inning while I’m hanging out in Blitz Sports Bar’s Ladd’s Addition branch after lunch with my brother and Tom. It’s virtually empty here on a Friday afternoon, but the food is good, the beer selection is great, it is very open and inviting, and the staff was super cool and have now five of the 32 or so TV screens tuned into ROOT so I can watch today’s game against the Brewers at like three different angles. I am a pint and bits of a bloody mary into my lunch time at the moment, with two hours left on my laptop battery. Let’s see where this goes. I am so terribly overjoyed to be able to see some Seattle baseball, I don’t even care that I am being aurally assaulted by classic rock!

As I start this paragraph, the score is currently 5-0 in the Mariners’ favor. Mike Zunino stepped to the plate 0-1, and hit a single that scored both Seth Smith and Kyle Seager, a nice grounder that went right under the Brewers’ shortstop’s dive. It was just a single for Zunino, but it was a 2-RBI single, and a hit; if that is what Zunino is going to do this year, I will take it. It’s an encouraging thing to see from him, for sure. I haven’t heard yet how he is changing his approach at the plate, so I have nothing to go on, but a hit is a hit is a hit, and given the fact that I would probably refer to Zunino as a “pick to click” in 2015, that was fun to see.

Danny Farquhar entered the top of the 6th with a 7-run advantage, and was taken yard by Juan Centeno. Outside of that, Farquhar had a really good 6th inning, with many of his pitches either called strikes or swinging strikes. The bottom of the 6th was pretty painful for the Brewers’ who were plagued by terrible pitching and throwing errors. DJ Peterson provided a sacrifice fly that scored a run to end the 6th at 10-1. Peterson is doing well this spring so far. I don’t know if that means a slot at the Tacoma level for him or not this year, but it is certainly encouraging. I have only seen him play live once, up in Everett, so I don’t have much personal experience with him, but his name is certainly on people’s minds.

I got to see a little bit of Mayckol Guaipe’s pitching in the bottom of the 7th. I know Guaipe is not remotely close to making a major league team this year, but if I had to base an opinion on today’s performance I would have serious doubts. I’m sure there must be room for improvement. If I hadn’t eaten and drank right away and was not interspersing discussion with my brother and husband, I might be more inclined to rediscover GameDay as I sit here, but since none of those conditions exist, I referenced this article by Ryan Divish, written about two weeks ago, about Guaipe’s supposed indispensibility on our extended roster. I am hoping that this is just a bad outing and that he has more of a future, but today was not a good day for Guaipe. The inning started off well enough, with a few 90+ MPH pitches and an out on Parker Berberet, but went downhill with walks and hits and runs and someone needs to make it stop. Poor guy. I’m not judging him by this, certainly, but my first impression of Myckol Guaipe was not a good one. As always, hoping that changes. I haven’t read any in-depth analysis on Guaipe (which is likely apparent to anyone reading this), so I’ll just call it a bad day with two runs in one inning and leave it.

I probably need to take off from here now, given my family obligations and other things that are afoot as I am down in my hometown, and this may be the worst post I have ever written due to distractions of lunch and being in a bar without TV sound, but I am thankful, nonetheless, to have been able to watch most of this game. I have to leave to meet my mother and get ready for a dinner out with friends, and seeing Forrest Snow pitching and still in the Ms organization is awesome. The Mariners will win this game, and while it doesn’t really matter, it does kind of matter. A little bit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.20.45 AM


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