I should probably be sleeping right now, but I woke up for no reason, then started thinking about the day, and now here we are. I have listened to Martin Garrix’s “Animals” twice now, because nothing says “go back to sleep, you moron” like house music. Since closers and their songs are inseparable, it got me thinking about this article and what we might be seeing as far as NFL-style fines for some players due to the time taken on, around, and getting to the mound.

I feel like I’m one of the only people left who has no interest in the game of baseball being sped up. For the small amount of time I have been a fan, it seems that the issue of time taken by players on the hill and in the batter’s box has never really been discussed as much as it has recently, particularly this year with the new pitching clock and batter’s box rules. I understand why the league might be interested in such a thing; I get that three plus hours might be too long for people to sit and watch a game (and I have the suspicion that some of this might have to do with advertising dollars). But the length of the game is to me part of its charm. Baseball is casual. It just continues on its own with intermittent bursts of happiness or sadness; y’know, sort of like life. We rush around every day: to work, from work, through work, appointments, catching the bus, being at dinner by a certain time…all of this is on a clock. I love baseball because it’s not really on a clock; the game starts at a reliable time, of course, but you can be there for it or join it in progress and when you’re watching, you just…watch. You lose yourself in it for however long it lasts, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s like floating down a river.

Today marks the beginning of that river; we are at the source of it, here in Seattle, about 7 hours give or take from this posting . I have to take care of some laundry, load up my media bag with camera and maybe laptop if I’m feeling brave (though I am guessing I may immediately change my mind, given the sell out nature of the crowd today), and get dressed for what might be chilly weather. I need to head to work for a few hours to take care of some things that are specific to my job there, but I plan on being out of the office by 9AM at the latest, and will then head to the stadium. I am probably a little bleary due to not sleeping through the night, but what I lack in rest, I shall make up for in pure, unbridled excitement. More sights and maybe sounds later today, but right now I have to dry my clothes and maybe see if I can rest a bit more over the next hour or so.

It’s been a long winter. Let’s do this. GO MARINERS!

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1 Response to BASEBALL IS HERE!

  1. Gymrat67 says:

    YAY, OPENING DAY. Everything is right in the world. I agree about baseball being casual; it’s never been fast and the nit-picky things like how fast a player gets to the batter’s box or the mound is inconsequential. Most of the time folks are wandering around the food court or having drinks when I’ve been to game. So to speed it up with some false reasons for doing so is plain dumb I think. Enjoy baseball for what it is. It is not the NFL, nor the NBA. If you want fast go see those games. Otherwise, enjoy baseball for what it is, a time out with or without family (better if you have them with you though) to watch a game which is essentially AMERICAN!

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