Some Mariners Thoughts On A Tuesday

I have to admit, it’s been difficult – during the last road trip particularly – to get motivated to write. Even watching what parts of the games I can due to having to get to bed early/get up for work, it is obvious that our home broadcasters were getting weary of talking about the Ms getting swept on the road, or bested in series, or letting one-run games slip through their fingers with bad bullpen usage or performance by some pitchers. I like seeing our locals smiling and upbeat when reporting on games, and it’s depressing to see the losses taking a toll. But after these last three revenge games against Oakland, it’s now hard not to hope that they can turn it around.

I went to the game last Friday with my friend Jeri. We had some beer and some tacos and enjoyed a full 9 innings surrounded by some pretty fun people. I like when I wind up with seatmates who have a sense of humor and know and love the team like I do. Everyone around us was in good spirits and there were many high fives from strangers. We stayed for 9 innings and a tied score, but unfortunately we had to leave. Tom had a show last Friday, and it was almost 10.30PM by the time the bottom of the 9th rolled around, so we had to go to Capitol Hill. By the time I got into The Highline, ordered a drink, and joined some friends out on the patio, a friend pushed his phone into my face, and I could see what I had both feared and wanted to see; we won, and Logan Morrison was responsible! This is the second walkoff homer I have missed due to having to adhere to another schedule. The other was Michael Saunders dinger a few years ago; my ride was falling asleep in her chair, and we had to walk a mile to get to the car, and it was past 11PM, so we had to bail. I heard the walkoff on the radio, while Nicole apologized over and over again that she “made” me leave. Since then, I have managed to find more people who prefer to stay until the last to go to games with, which is great. Now I have to hone not double booking myself. Lesson learned. Tom never plays shows in Seattle, though, so it was kind of a special occasion. I can forgive myself.

Also over the weekend, Felix Hernandez of course slung his 2,000th strikeout, the fourth youngest pitcher to do so and like the 74th (73rd?) or so in MLB history to reach the 2,000 milestone. I think one of the Mariners next commercials should take an “is there anything he can’t do?” approach. With a slow start to the season, Felix has settled down and become more Felix-y, and it is a welcome sight indeed. He is already 6-0 on the season, after Sunday’s game. He is projected to end the year 12-6 or 12-7. I think it will be much better than that. Hopefully, the bullpen shows some improvement. I don’t need them to be perfect, I just need them to stop giving up home runs. That’d be great, thanks.

This weekend will see me at both Turn Back the Clock night and a Sunday game with my friend Eric, the Red Sox fan. I talked to him briefly over the weekend, and he told me the Sox are not doing so hot this year. The standings do show this to be true ,and looking at their roster I’m a little surprised. But I will take all the wins I can get. I also love how the staff at Safeco always gives Eric hassle when we go. Tonight, I’m going to do the season ticket holder early entry thing with Daniel to go see James Paxton pitch against the Padres. Mid-week games are not my favorite these days, but I did schedule this one due to the early entry thing, so I can’t complain. San Diego seems to be doing a little better than we are, so it will be fun to see Paxton go up against an unfamiliar team.  I have my camera, if I can get any good shots, I’ll try and report tomorrow evening.


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