McClendon, Zunino Get Ejected in Grand Fashion

I am going to have to go to sleep before this game is over, sadly, but so far Mike Montgomery has been quite a little firecracker against the Yankees, and ever since this happened, the Mariners hitters have had a spark lighted under them that appears to be helping them antagonize CC Sabathia. I probably have more to say, but really, the video at that link is kind of all you need to know about this game so far, and is going to be something I remember for ages. Mike Montgomery will probably remember it too.  I applaud both Mike Zunino and Lloyd McClendon for standing up against a system of authority that is often not held accountable for its errors. The game is in the top of the 5th and tied at 1-1 as I hit “publish” on this. I may make it another half hour, but so far this has been a fun game to watch.

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2 Responses to McClendon, Zunino Get Ejected in Grand Fashion

  1. MOM says:

    Terrific. Wish you could have seen the ending. Thanks for the link to the action.

  2. Megan Shear says:

    It was something else. I haven’t seen a manager go off like that in AGES.

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