Cubs Win, Mets Are Winning, I Am Lazy

Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t have today’s holiday off work; so I missed the Kansas City Royals forcing a game 5 with the Houston Astros, the Blue Jays and Rangers tying things up, and quite a bit of the Cardinals at Cubs this afternoon. I walked in the door at home just in time to see Jorge Soler go yard for two runs to create a 7-4 score in the Cubbies’ favor. The Dodgers/Mets game is also in progress as I am writing this, and it feels weird to watch one game you really want to see the outcome of, when another game you want to see the outcome of is also on. In the bottom of the 8th inning of this game, however, Dexter Fowler broke an MLB record by hitting the 6th home run in the game, the most home runs that have ever been hit in a post-season game. I don’t think I’ll be switching the channel just yet. In the top of the 9th, Hector Rondon, the Cubs’ closer, came into a non-save situation to deal to the Cards. Rondon took his time and struggled far too much, allowing a runner on, and giving up a dinger over right field to Stephen Piscotty, but ultimately got Matt Holiday to ground out, ending the game, and giving the Cubs a 2-1 advantage over St Louis. They can make this end tomorrow; I really think they can. The game, unfortunately starts at 1.37 PST, and I will still be at work. Sadly, I may wind up missing the whole thing altogether; but if all things go according to plan, you may hear the cheering as my bus crosses the West Seattle bridge tomorrow afternoon.

The broadcast moved seamlessly from the game in Chicago, to the one in New York, just in time for Matt Harvey to get his last batter out, and you’ll maybe excuse me if I can’t pull names quickly. I’ve only just started going to the gym lately, and it’s made my wrists and hands a little gimpy; typing feels a bit strange and slightly difficult to do quickly at the moment. Travis d’Arnaud sent a Brett Anderson changeup over the left field wall, scoring two more runs (score was 4-3 in the Mets’ favor prior to this). Citi Field went nuts, as would be expected. Alex Wood replaced Anderson in the bottom of the 4th for the Dodgers. With one out and one on, Curtis Granderson grounded out, but then Wood intentionally walked David Wright to get to Daniel Murphy. This plan backfired on him when Wright bopped a 91MPH 2-seamer over to the middle of left field, picking up a single RBI. Yoenis Cespedes battled Wood for a while before launching – and I mean launching – another 2-seam fastball into the upper deck over left center field. As he trotted back to the dugout, the fans began a chant that I couldn’t understand, and Cespedes  came out for a well-deserved curtain call, having just broken the game further open to 10-3.

After further review, it appears that the fans at CitiField were chanting “We want Utley!” In response to the incident the other day in which Chase Utley slid into short stop Ruben Tejada. The resulting collision garnered a broken leg and end to the season for Tejada, and a two-game suspension currently on appeal from Utley. Utley can play right now while the appeal is being reviewed, but the Dodgers did not start him in tonight’s game, likely for good reason; revenge could be meted out in the form of a plunking, which would create a massive distraction for everyone. The fans, however, seemed to be in high spirits about the situation, likely given the score.

Honestly, at this point it’s nearly 8pm, I am exhausted and I really just want to kick back and enjoy the rest of this game without having to wrangle players names and such (curse you, National League!). I am on the Mets side here, but I technically have no horse in this race, and I am 99.9% sure the Dodgers have basically given up this evening. I’m going to put some warm socks on and maybe make some tea and spend the next hour or so watching this blowout. Cheers, Cubs and Mets fans!


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