The World Series, And The Future

I feel like I need to put something in this space, so while I have a little bit of time on an early lunch due to a trip I am taking later today, a few feelings about the muted remaining whispers of baseball. I have been sick for the past week, and while I certainly feel better than I did last weekend, I am still feeling fairly run down. The sneezing is out of control. Be that as it may, I have been trying to maintain interest in a baseball season that is slowly losing its appeal as the playoffs wear on.

The Cubs got absolutely hammered by the Mets, which, frankly, really bummed me out. I had a lot of hope that I was going to get to see something special this year, after a lackluster Mariners season, and I spent about a week fairly excited that that was going to be the case. Alas, the Mets were the better team, and took Chicago down in a mere four games, the final one on their home turf, which had to be the worst for the fans in attendance at Wrigley. I have heard stories about sad Mariners fans wandering the streets of Seattle back in 2001, and while I know that also might be in my future, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have so much faith in your team, to know that they’re the real deal, and have that yanked out from underneath you, in front of you, by an immediate rival. But the Cubbies are still young, and there is still hope over the next few years that they will be able to repeat this year’s performance. As with everything baseball, there is always next year.

So now we have a Mets/Royals World Series, a series that has started off with two Mets losses. And I am on the Mets side here. But they have not been on mine; after the two losses they were just handed by Kansas City, my interest in the World Series and last scraps of the 2015 season are really starting to wane. Usually I can buck up and hang on until the end, but I think that if tomorrow night’s game (that I may or may not be able to watch due to location) doesn’t feature some sort of turnaround in New York, my interest may be lost for good for this year, and I will have to start recovering, taking a bit of a break, and getting ready to do other things, getting back to the Mariners and what they’ve been up to lately.

I will have a post about the Everett Aquasox and their Star Wars Night that Daniel and I went to this summer, complete with a boatload of pictures, and some other baseball shenanigans, stories that I have been saving up in email over the season for when the mood to write strikes me. The Winter Meetings are also coming up, and I am hoping that Jerry Dipoto and new manager Scott Servais have some things in store for us in time for Christmas. It appears that we have officially revamped all or most of the managerial and coaching staff at this point (I’m really happy about the fact that they’re keeping Edgar Martinez on as our hitting coach), and now the biggest step is just to try and build 2016’s team, and look forward to what that might have to offer us as fans.

I am still working towards two trips next year; a trip to Denver to go see the Rockies in their natural habitat in either April or May, and another trip to Chicago, where I will hopefully be able to go visit the Cubs, the White Sox, and if it can be fit in due to time and money, the Milwaukee Brewers. The trip to Denver is pretty much solid; I just need to wait until the beginning of the year to figure out plane tickets, time off from work, and further financial balancing so I can fit in season tickets for next year into the mix. Chicago is a bit of a scheduling challenge as well, as there are only two weeks in two different months where the Cubs and Sox are both in the city at the same time, and I haven’t even looked at fitting the drive to Milwaukee into the mix.

Further goals include upgrading my camera to something with maybe a better shutter speed – I am avoiding anything with interchangeable lenses, as the expense starts to mount after that. I like my current Canon, but I always feel I can do better with something more advanced. There is also some podcasting talks in the works, but nothing has been ironed out there. I’d like to do my own for this space, but barring that, I may be partnering with a person or persons in the future. Tentative plans have been made, we’ll see what comes of it. A name change for this space is being debated as well; I haven’t been sat in section 331 since 2008, and while I like honoring my inaugural year in baseball, the name of the blog is kind of misleading; but it’s how people know the space now, so I will likely keep it. Plus, I got it put on a jersey, seems kind of counterproductive to change it now. If there is a name change, it will have to really blow me away. I’m still waiting for that inspiration.

So thanks to the few of you who are still paying attention. I am hoping I can reward that with better/more content in the near future.

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