Mariners Do Stuff, It’s Snowing On WordPress

So much has been going on over the past 7 days and I have had no time at all to say anything about it in-depth. I’ve had more effective commentary on Twitter during my bus rides home during the past week than I’ve been able to put in this space.

So, so many things, but I am limited on time so this will likely be a shorter post…

The player to be named later in the Leonys Martin trade was Patrick Kivlehan. This caused what I interpreted at the time to be mixed reactions by various fans. I myself have no opinion on the matter. Kivelehan had a pretty quick rise through the minors to spend 2015 in Tacoma, and while he seemed to have some potential there in 518 plate appearances with a .256/.313/.453 line, apparently Jerry Dipoto doesn’t think so, so away Mr Kivlehan goes to Texas. Curiosity tells me I should have wanted Kivlehan to stay and see some action in Seattle, but unfamiliarity tells me that I should just be OK with this move, suck it up, and move on. Only time will tell which reaction will be the right one.

Dipoto’s been doing a lot of housecleaning though, making a recent move that I really don’t like, which is the trade for Hisashi Iwakuma to the Dodgers. While the Dodgers have been great in recent years and Iwakuma might have the chance to see some post-season action (and for that I am happy for him), I also would prefer to have just kept Iwakuma, in spite of his struggles. Late season ballet-foot inconsistency aside, I would have really liked to see him come back in 2016, and I feel like he had a good chance to do that. I don’t think that Iwakuma will miss us, however, as he turned down an offer of some $15 million to go to Los Angeles. Dipoto is said to have made the signing of Kuma a priority, but one has to wonder how much of a priority it was, as it doesn’t sound like we put up much of a fight there. Either that or the Dodgers’ offer of 3 years and $45 million was simply a better option. I don’t know much about Kuma’s life outside the game; he may have family down there, or he may just want – like pretty much all athletes – to get paid. I can’t fault him, but I will miss him. A lot.

Iwakuma has already been replaced by Wade Miley, as Dipoto touched down in the Winter Meetings in Nashville seemingly before his plane did. Miley comes with reliever Jonathan Aro , who I am not at all familiar with; but the price for this move is also high. Carson Smith goes to the Red Sox, which really bums me out more than I can properly communicate right now. Smith was our resident weirdo arm, and I wanted to see more of him here. Miley is younger and cheaper than Iwakuma, and does not have the same injury history. He also has a history with the GM, from his earliest days in the Arizona Diamondback system, and from what I understand is the type of pitcher that will fare well in a larger park with damp weather  like Safeco. We need a guy to be in our rotation, we got a guy Jerry Dipoto is familiar with to be in our rotation; as with a lot of deals made, I am simultaneously sad and excited to see what these new guys will have to offer and how things will shape up for 2016.

There have been other things done, but maybe I will have to save them for tomorrow, as I am running out of time today.  I changed phone carriers recently, and was made to get a higher grade of phone than I had originally wanted. The bad bit of this is the learning curve, but the good part is that there is more memory and therefore I can start using my baseball applications again (my previous phone was having a lot of problems) so my ability to stay on top of news might increase to where it used to be before the 2014 season, even. Oh, look, it’s telling me that John Lackey has signed a two-year deal with the Cubs. Good for him. More tomorrow. Or the next day. It all depends on how much work I can take care of in the morning. For now, I am bracing myself to witness our new GM’s slash-and-burn of the roster. The week is still young, friends!

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