Mariners Make More Decisions, Random Bits

It’s still stormy in Seattle, and the Mariners are still busy rearranging their roster for 2016.

Today’s action is the finalization of the Adam Lind trade. We get a replacement for Mark Trumbo and Logan Morrison, and the Milwaukee Brewers get minor league pitchers Carlos Herrera, Freddy Peralta, and Daniel Missaki. The speculation is that we are going to use Lind in a platoon with either Jesus Montero or possibly an as-yet-unnamed first baseman. Lind’s numbers against left handed pitching are OK-ish, but he is apparently a powerhouse against righties, with a line of .293/.354/.509. Mike Napoli has also been mentioned in conjunction with the Ms, which wouldn’t bother me at all. With Mike Zunino’s hitting still suffering, we have Chris Iannetta, Jesus Sucre and Steve Clevenger to choose from at backstop, and Napoli (I just rediscovered) has apparently been spending some time at 1B (“It’s incredibly hard“), and I just don’t know if Montero’s performance is improved enough to be a serious contender for a position at the bag. Dipoto seems intent on overhauling everything, and I barely recognize our roster anymore. Also, I like Mike Napoli since he left Anaheim, so there’s that.

Other players we have obtained, of course, that I haven’t addressed are Justin De Fratus (reliever), Nori Aoki (OF), and then Steve Clevenger, who we swapped straight across for Mark Trumbo with the Baltimore Orioles. I like those sorts of trades, as it means, in my head, that “I” get to “keep” the players in question. But really, the only thing I know or have had time to find out about any of these guys is that Aoki is a bit of an injury risk but otherwise good outfielder. I am slowly getting back into things with the new phone and push notifications from various baseball sites. I really want to work on not being Seattle’s laziest Mariners blogger; my job makes it difficult, and I am still quite thankful I am not being paid.

Spring training tickets have gone on sale for those of us who are subscribed to Mariners Mail. Some year I will go to that, maybe, but for now, I need to concentrate on getting to the various major league ballparks as I have the time, money, and places to stay. I wound up grabbing some sort of multi-page leaflet at last year’s FanFest, curious about costs and hotels and such. The leaflet was put together from the assumption that the person reading it is literally made of cash, so I’m afraid it will be an expense I will be putting on hold. And honestly, if I die without ever seeing Mariners stretching and running drills in the sun in March, I will be OK with that; but I have to get in the big stadiums while I can. In any event, if you’re not subscribed to Mariners Mail, and spring training is your jam, tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday the 12th. The training schedule has already been announced, of course.

As for things I have more knowledge of, my trip to Denver to go to Coors Field is pretty much a done deal. Plane tickets have been purchased, and now it is just a matter of whether or not I want to try and make the daytime game against the Diamondbacks the day I would be arriving (which would mean going straight from the airport to the stadium), or two slightly-more-relaxed-time-wise Mets games over the following weekend. I am going to be able to cross off a line on the baseball bucket list by getting some tickets in the mile-high row. Yep, it’s touristy, and nope, I do not care. This will be an easy trip, as I will not be having to pay for any hotels, nor will I have to go from city to city like in 2014. Two games at Coors Field, and some time spent with friends I haven’t seen in many years. Not too shabby.


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2 Responses to Mariners Make More Decisions, Random Bits

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Seems like our new GM doesn’t hesitate if he sees an opportunity to improve. Most of the trades and free agents make sense to me, but a bit hard to keep track of all the changes. Only thing that really kinda annoys me is losing Iwakuma, but I’ll get over it eventually. Will be interesting to see who is in the bullpen on opening day.
    Cindy and I will probably go to FanFest, are you thinking about going this year?

  2. Megan Shear says:

    YES! Likely Saturday, for sure; that always seems the more exciting of the two days. haha 🙂

    I am interested that he is doing things as fast as he’s doing them, and the Dodgers may live to regret the length of time and money they gave to Kuma, but I think Dipoto was smart about it. I feel like they must surely talk to the trainers and physical conditioning folks, and I am guessing they have an insight to his health that we clearly don’t. Given the amount we offered vs the amount the Dodgers did, I don’t think they were trying to undersell him, I feel like they were being cautious; 15M is a lot for a guy who struggled so much last year, y’know?
    It will definitely be interesting to see what this all looks like once it’s put together again in March.

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