Happy New Year, From Section 331!

I don’t have any sort of countdown or top -whatever lists to share; I generally don’t think of the end of the year in those terms. Time just keeps going on, tomorrow’s just another day, and hopefully everyone I know will come out on the other side of tonight’s parties in one piece and not feeling too terrible after all that champagne. Plus, there are other bloggers who are already taking care of that for us all. I believe Lookout Landing has been dispensing maybe more than its fair share of memorable Mariners .gifs over the past 24 hours…

But if I were to measure time year-to-year – and I’ll admit, I fall into that as much as anyone sometimes – I would have to say that generally speaking, 2015 was pretty awful for me. I won’t bore you with the gruesome details, suffice to say that money, health, optimism, and happiness were all in short supply. I wanted 2015 to be at least a little better than 2014 personally (because it was pretty great on a baseball level for me); but it didn’t work out that way. It was a bunch of ‘meh’ punctuated by a few really great things: baseball games with friends, a 10-year anniversary party, some tattoo work…I’m sure there were a few other things in there, but 365 days is a lot, and it’s not coming to me easily. When you care about things going on around you as much as I do, the weight of the world can be unbearable (I’m not violating my no-politics rule, but come ON, this year was awful for all of that). I suffered from a lack of time and energy to write here, eventually found myself caring but not enough to start it up on a regular basis again (really, what is there to say about a team like the 2015 Mariners, other than that I will keep watching them in 2016?) I won’t be sad to see it gone.

In 2016, I hope to get some of my energy and time back. I have started planning my trip to Coors Field (plane tickets purchased already!), and am looking forward to everything that comes after the end of January. Fan Fest,  Pitchers and catchers reporting, spring training, OPENING DAY!  These are how the Mariners fan measures time, and this is how I’m thinking of the next few months ahead. I don’t have season tickets per se, but Daniel does, and I will be going in on some of those this year, since cat surgery a month ago stole my ability to put a downpayment on my own two seats. Vet bills are going to make it difficult for a while, but I am trying to go into this year more optimistic that things will be better. I have no way of projecting whether they will be or not; like a 32nd round draft pick, life has a way of not turning out like you hope it will, even when you’re trying your best. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2016 does well in the first round.

And to everyone who is reading this, I wish the best for you an your 2016. Enjoy yourselves tonight, and please make sure you make it out of this year alive. Outside of that, actually, if you want to do me a solid, please follow MarinerBasho on Twitter. Daniel Carroll and I write Mariners haiku there. It’s not a terribly busy page, but we wouldn’t mind some more followers. We promise to be as witty as possible, in whatever capacity, without struggling to figure out what rhymes with “Dipoto”.  Now I have to go take care of some crudite’ and maybe a hot buttered rum. Cheers!


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