Waiting For The Hall of Fame Announcements

On lunch again and trying to watch streaming coverage of the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement from the MLB Network. As I start this at 12.09PM, I don’t know that I will be able to finish the broadcast (I understand it lasts until possibly 4PM PST), but I’ll certainly try, though listening to broadcasters stall for time while waiting for a large event is one of my least favorite activities. So far, Ken Griffey Jr has 100% of the 205 ballots MLBN is reporting have been turned in so far. I would think that there would be a harder deadline for something like this, but it appears to be run like a tour booking; there’s surely a deadline, but who pays attention? You’d think there would be a harder limit for when ballots should be turned in.

I am glad that Griffey will be getting in, though it is, of course, not much of a shock at all. Unfortunately, my history with Griffey (what there is of it) is a very different story than most other Mariners fans.  I was simple too late on the scene to have really enjoyed much of his career, and the end of it wasn’t the pretties. Because of the Mariners’ relative novelty in the history of the game, at this point in time, I view the actual Hall and Museum themselves as a whole to be far more important than the individuals that make them up. I did get to see the Dave Niehaus plaque in the broadcasting wing while I was there, of course, and all of the items that Mariners players have donated to the Museum as important points in their careers, and that was great; but I don’t know that I will feel like another trip to Cooperstown is warranted for me personally until either Ichiro or Felix goes in, and given Ichiro’s persistence and Felix’s age, I might be in my 50s when that happens. I might be in my 50s when Edgar Martinez goes in, but I hope not. This said, I am so very happy for so many people I know who have waited for this for so long, and I will be crying with al of you on Opening Day because you know the Mariners are going to make a deal out of this, and I will love them for it. Whatever ceremony goes on around today’s events on April 8th will be the closest I will get to them, so I am looking forward to it.

I am curious to see who else makes it, as I didn’t have the presence of mind to catch a screen grab of the players with the highest percentages on the list of ballots gathered so far. So I guess I will sit here and listen to the talking heads until the ballots are all in, the stream gets blocked by our lame firewalls, or I have to leave work, whichever happens first.

In other news, we are having our bus passes taken away at the end of the month for reasons I won’t go into here because I don’t want to start swearing about the company I work for (and I would), so my route to and from work has taken on a new life, parking in SoDo and walking a mile or so to work, along 1st past Safeco Field. It is doing absolutely nothing to curb my enthusiasm for the 2016 season, and summer. The nights are long and dark here, and I am ready for the warmth of summer, the smell of green grass, the crack of the bat and the sound of baseballs hitting gloves in the bullpen. So ready.

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