Seattle Mariners FanFest Tomorrow!


I dropped by the stadium yesterday with the intent to buy a holiday sweater for the weekend’s festivities. I try to layer due to the cold, but either I don’t layer quite enough, or I layer too much. I figured a sweater would be a good move, but unfortunately discovered that they are very much cut for men; a tight trunk with very long sleeves. I could have opted for a larger size, but then I would have had too much sleeve, and it would have been baggy and boxy, and there are just some things I can’t get away with. But if you’re a guy and you like sweaters and the Mariners, the team store has just the thing  for you. I escaped with a light hoodie with a layer of fleece piling inside; that under a winter coat should keep me warm outside and keep me from roasting too much indoors.

sweatersI really wanted that gray one. Ah well.

The Mariners are also in the process of upgrading the images on the west side of the building. The designs have been either the same or very similar for about 2-3 years now, so I suppose it is time for a change. The walls look very strange without any player photos on them. It is a rare sight.

no pic wallThe new designs are simpler and cleaner than the previous designs, but the player pictures are smaller, and first and last names are featured, rather than just first. I will be keen to see what they look like when the whole thing is done, which, according to Kevin Martinez on Twitter, should be sometime today. The different team colors currently in use are represented as well. I kind of dig it. The ones up so far appear to all be action shots (Felix is to the right of Seager, but I didn’t get him in this picture), and I think they’re more exciting than in previous years, where there was some portraiture instead. This also matches the general theme of the permanent photos on the north wall by left field, where all of them are action shots and a montage of some of the better times from the past.

pic wallThose coming through the home plate entrance (there were scanners set up over the left field entrance, so I am assuming that maybe that entrance will be operative as well) will be greeted by balloons with a baseball touch:

safeco interiorThe activities and general set up are still pretty much the same as they are every year. Leonys Martin was scheduled to attend but apparently had a family emergency that will keep him away. I’m a little bummed about that, but hope everything is well for him. I think I am mostly looking forward to hearing Jerry Dipoto and Scott Servais speak; I haven’t had the opportunity to do that since they were hired, and am interested to see how they talk to this fanbase and what kind of first impression I might get from them. I am going to try to remember to charge and bring my camera as well, and there will be a full report for anyone who still reads this space and can’t make it.

scheduleBut most of all, I am going to try as much as possible to really enjoy this day, as I do every year. I’ll be attending the season ticket holder Fanfest that takes place on the Terrace Club level before the main gates open as well, so tomorrow will be a full day. Daniel has been kind enough to front me the money for the season (due to JJ’s surgery last year and my trip to Denver this year, my own season tickets were simply not financially feasible), and we’ll be upstairs in section 3-twenty-something for 2016. Now, I just have to suffer the next 6 or so hours of work and this evening before waking up early to go to my “happiest place on earth”.  Hope to see a lot of people I know there; we all keep in touch over Twitter, but there is nothing like being able to be immersed in baseball culture in the park, surrounded by baseball people of all ages, and I can hardly wait.

Also, fair warning, the Seattle Boat Show is happening this weekend too, so be aware of parking and foot traffic in that area.

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4 Responses to Seattle Mariners FanFest Tomorrow!

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you, Megan, I read your Fanfest report every year. I feel optimistic this off-season due to the new regime. Go M’s !!!

  2. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Hi Megan,
    Cindy and I attended FanFest yesterday. Sorry that we didn’t run into you, but we enjoyed listening to Jerry Dipoto and Scott Servais. Had margaritas and some food at Edgar’s, and picked up a nice Wilhelmsen jersey for a friend of ours with the same last name. Will definitely miss the “bartender”, but am looking forward to seeing the team this year.
    Go Mariners!!!

    • Megan Shear says:

      It sounds like we just missed each other several times; I was there for the Dipoto thing, and at Edgar’s meeting up with people twice. A lot of moving around this year, as I was with a friend who hadn’t been to one of our yearly events. I missed quite a few people, by the sounds of it, as everyone else was moving around too. Glad you two had fun. 🙂

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