Fridays at Safeco, Pitchers and Catchers Report

Today is the day! Finally, after a long, wet and cold winter here in Seattle, the Mariners are beginning to gather in Peoria, Arizona, where it is quite assuredly warmer and far more sunny than it is here as I’m posting this. We still have a long way before the game starts, but just knowing it’s coming together is enough for right now. Full squad starts next week, but today, pitchers and catchers are back!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.13.35 AM.png

Roenis Elias is Boston’s problem now, but there was a point where he was starting games here in Seattle. Some of them were good, some of them really weren’t, and his relief game was better than his starting game. He hasn’t been in the majors long, and has a few years before anyone should totally give up hope though (hey, 27 is young to someone my age), so maybe he’ll fare well in Fenway, if he makes it through the Sox’ own spring training. He’s been invited and the Boston Herald says he’ll have some competition. Good luck!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.15.15 AM.png

I probably shouldn’t say this lest I be laughed out of Seattle, but I still hold out hope for Mike Zunino. He will have some interesting competition this year with veteran Chris Iannetta and Steve Clevenger, but maybe this is the year he gets his bat up to speed. Maybe? I hope? I’m still on your side, number 3!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.15.50 AM

These guys. I haven’t paid much attention to the bullpen as an entity since 2009; it just seemed weird after John Wetteland was gone, and then there were a bunch of new guys brought in, and the culture changed. And now the last vestiges of that bullpen are completely gone, and Tom Wilhelmen isn’t around anymore to pick up the slack. But last year they were still at least a little weird, so I wonder what sort of new culture will arise out  of this year’s selected members. Charlie Furbush is still here, at least.

Colorado Rockies tickets go on sale Saturday at 1PM  (though I forgot to ask whether it will be their time or ours), and I will be glued to the phone in an effort to get my three seats in row 20 upstairs. As long as I can sit in the purple row for one of the two games I’m planning to go to there, anything else is inconsequential. Wish me luck; it’s a Mets series, so I may need it. This is also a baseball bucket list thing for me, so I am really hoping that I can make it happen; my concern is that May is early in the season, and while the Rockies are not being currently projected to do well depending on who you talk to, it’s still baseball, and fans are likely craving it as much as I am, and those seats are definitely a tourist destination (per the woman I spoke to at their ticketing office the other day), and I only get one shot to make this happen, plane tickets have already been purchased. Fingers crossed!

Happy baseball, everyone!


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