Fridays at Safeco

The weather here in the city took an abrupt turn the other day, and yesterday  I found myself surrounded and attacked by all manner of tree pollens and street dust, and who knows what else, and it’s been bad enough that I debated avoiding work today, because it feels almost like I’m getting sick. But the sheer quantity of sneezing coming out of my face yesterday and today actually indicates that I’m allergic to everything around me, so if any of this winds up sound like I’ve sort of wandered off the path, my excuse is that I can’t breathe. Not optimal conditions for writing.

MAURERBrandon Maurer, sizing up his opponent. I believe this was taken in 2014, during Turn Back the Clock night, when the Mariners and Astros represented the late 1970s. The Astros’ unis were that orange and yellow sunset jersey pattern, if memory serves. I miss Brandon Maurer, who is with the San Diego Padres now, where he will be subjected to a delightful brown and yellow throwback, should the Pads ever decide it. Daniel and I used to sit in the stands and slowly mispronounce his name, putting as many “er” sounds in it as possible. Maurerererargh. I was pulling for Maurer on the major league roster until I couldn’t anymore. He’s only 25, so hopefully has more gas in the tank and as with every Mariner that leaves us (with a few exceptions), I wish him luck.

CHARLYA smiling Charlie Furbush with a possibly smiley-er Tom Wilhelmsen, and Danny Farquhar, who I will also miss. The bullpen looks so different this year, regardless of what happens in the final days of March; I’m looking forward to watching how things shape up. Today, pitchers are busy in Arizona checking out batters, and batters are either swinging at pitches, or…not. At that link, incidentally, are comments from Scott Servais regarding his own hitting when he was playing the game, and the fact that he did take hacks at spring training, because he wasn’t the best at hitting. This from the guy who helped correct the swing of none other than Nelson Cruz, so, let that sink in…


Logan Morrison, facing off against the Baltimore Orioles, with Nick Hundley backstopping. It was super nice that day, for early spring, and I was sitting in the Terrace Club. I may be seeing Hundley again in Colorado soon. Speaking of which, my tickets arrived in the mail yesterday. I will need to start doing my research on what I want to see/do/eat/take pictures of while at Coors Field.

The Mariners, for their part, start with their annual charity game against the Padres next Wednesday. If I can find a streaming broadcast that will work at work, I will be glued to my computer. If not, I will have to wait for the live game broadcast on ROOT Sports on Saturday March 12th. Unfortunately, my job seems to make it increasingly more difficult to hear these games every year, and while I might be able to get a little bit of the TV broadcast in the break room, it’s no substitution for being able to just sit back and watch a game. Keeping my fingers crossed that all the new firewalls here have not ruined my chances to listen to what is basically the first game of the 2016 season.

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