Fridays at Safeco, Photo-less, Boring Reminder About Tomorrow Edition

So I have been working a boatload of overtime lately, and was at work until 9pm yesterday due to a power outage in my neighborhood which resulted in me waking up in a panic fifteen minutes after I was supposed to be at work. I really meant to get some photos picked out for today’s post, but due to lack of sleep and time, that didn’t happen. Next week we’ll get back into it.

In the meantime, I was given some interview questions by a Cardinals fan who writes for Cardinals Enclave, and they (and my answers, of course) can be found here. Apparently, this is a feature they do every year there, where they pick fans of other teams to answer questions about those teams. I just re-read my responses, and it’s funny what difference a month of Spring Training can make. My answers would be different now, but time has a way of killing all pre- and misconceptions about the game. I am joined by another Mariners blogger who I am forced to say I do not know; but his responses were good too.

And just a reminder, that there will be a Spring Training viewing party at Beveridge Place in West Seattle. Details and conversation here. I cheated and used Lookout Landing as a platform, since I know my readership is far smaller than theirs is, and the more the merrier. I went to have a few rounds there the other night and verified with the staff that there should not be any conflict with March Madness. Beveridge is mostly a soccer and football bar when those games are in full swing; but generally speaking, it’s more of a hangout joint with good beer that just happens to have sporting events on their TVs in the pool room. I will there around noon to make sure I can get a good sized table and at least one TV broadcasting the game.  I will also have a bag of Mariners swag with me for giving away; promotional t-shirts, some die-cast trains from years past, some “K” towels, and maybe some other things I can’t remember off the top of my head. My inability to keep white shirts clean is your new white shirt! Join us for some meaningless baseball, good beer, and delicious order-in/take in food from places nearby.

Lastly, my Coors Field stadium preview is coming, I promise. I have asked the kind folks over at Purple Row for some suggestions and assistance, and have already gotten my meals lined up for the two nights I’ll be there, based on their information. You may laugh, but I have to plan this stuff or I wind up wandering around aimlessly, not being able to make up my mind. My Rockies shirt is also on its way, one of the last their MLB site had from my favorite sportswear company, ’47 Brand. Gotta blend in with the locals! Well, aside from the Mariners jersey I’ll be wearing.

Hope to see some friendly faces tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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