Happy Opening Day, Everyone!

I’m on my lunch half-hour and Mariners baseball is a little over an hour away. Since I am stuck here at work, and have some things that absolutely have to be taken care of regarding our car afterwards, I won’t be able to watch the game in either real time or replay, so I’ve decided to leave the At-Bat app on my phone so I can follow along via messages. On the one hand, it’s not ideal, and this is the first Opening Day game I have missed since I started making it a point to watch them back in 2008. But on the other, I don’t truly feel baseball has started until it starts at home, so I have a few more days to really relax into the fact that we’ve started before it truly happens at home. The Mariners, for their part, have decided that these are the guys who will be supporting Felix today down in Arlington:

rosterPhoto credit Seattle Mariners.

I did the idea of starting Norichika Aoki, and if things continue on in the same manner they have been during Spring Training (do they ever? – but let me dream), this is a really good lineup offensively.

In an effort to further engage with the game on a daily basis, I have finally managed to download Beat the Streak and have chosen my two guys for today (yes, I am already doubling down on my first attempt). The Diamondbacks’ Neil Goldschmidt and the Orioles Manny Machado were two of my four available choices; though looking at the app a moment ago, those were just the four top picks, not everyone that was available today. I’ll learn to use the whole app eventually. I don’t anticipate winning anything, but it’s a fun way to be involved in the game when you can’t be there (or even when you can), and it will give me a little something to look forward to day by day as the season progresses. Maybe tomorrow I’ll grab a Mariner and see what happens.

The Northeast is facing some fairly harsh weather today, and the Yankees have already announced they’ll be making today’s game up tomorrow. At-Bat just sent me a message regarding the threat of the Orioles/Twins game being delayed too; but earlier pictures from the Orioles’ Twitter account showed a nice-ish looking sky. It’s also snowing in Boston. I don’t have much love for most east coast teams, but I do feel for their fans. This day is something you look forward to all winter. You plan ahead, take off work for it, buy tickets for escalated prices, and then…weather. But this only further cements my love for Safeco Field’s one massive savior, our roof. It’s supposed to be in the low 70s this Friday, but even if it snowed, we’d still be playing baseball when it was meant to be played.

And now as I’m wrapping this very short post up, only 40+ minutes until someone in Arlington says those magical words we wait for before every first pitch, “Play Ball!” Happy Opening Day, Mariners fans!

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2 Responses to Happy Opening Day, Everyone!

  1. Section 36 says:

    Happy Opening Day! Even if the M’s lost and the Sox were snowed out!

    • Megan Shear says:

      Yeah, what a weird one, right? The Orioles were delayed for several hours, and the Yankees couldn’t play either. I saw photos of friends’ homes in various parts of Massachusettes. We had snow on the home opener once a few years back, but the past few years have been pretty nice. I hope it doesn’t set anyone back too much. 🙂

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