605 Words I Put In Order Today

I can’t rewatch the video from last night’s post-game interview with Tom Wilhelmsen due to some firewall issue at work, but if anyone wants to see what he had to say about his plonking of Chris Iannetta, the Star Telegram has a clip of reporters speaking to him about it here. I tried to listen this morning (very quietly, my husband works a swing shift and has been sleeping on the couch due to a broken foot so I didn’t hear all of it as well as I would have liked), and from what I gather, Wilhelmsen was lightly apologetic for his temper flaring, and the plonking was on purpose because he was getting lit up like a candle. I don’t know why Iannetta became his target, but it is what it is. None of the Mariners staff really spoke to it last night, which I found to be the right way to handle things. They buried the Rangers on Wilhelmsen’s watch, things got out of control briefly, there is no reason to needle them about it. Robinson Cano was happy with the way manager Scott Servais represented for them, which I figured would be the case. I am wondering if this will result in a revenge plonk sometime in the next six months, but only time will tell; it could be today, it could be several months or years from now. The season is long, and so is baseball’s memory. In case you missed the scuffle last night, Bob Dutton has the clip here. I think most of my angst about the situation comes from just not wanting to see a pitching favorite go off the rails that way. Yeah, it happens, and baseball players don’t live in the same world the rest of us do; but it was shocking to see coming from a guy widely regarded by most fans as a happy-go-lucky character on our team. I’ll get over it.

Currently, the Mariners and Rangers are finishing up their 3-game series in an early game, and Robinson Cano has hit his third homer in 3 games; unfortunately, my Beat the Streak click today is Nelson Cruz. I probably should have known better. Or I should have gone with Bryce Harper. Or Leonys Martin, who came right out of the gate swinging in the second inning. Wade Miley has done an excellent job so far in five or so innings, retiring 11 batters. The Mariners are up 3-2; but with the Rangers, a score like that can change at any minute. Texas is just one of those teams that have always been scary, even when they haven’t been their best.

I want to try and get out and do more fun baseball activities this year; going to minor league and non-pro games are always fun. I am sorry I won’t be able to make it to Tacoma tomorrow night for the Rainiers’ home opener against the Albuquerque Isotopes due to time and money, but I want to go to a few games down there, maybe when the Ms are out of town. The Aquasox will also be visited at least once as well. Lookout Landing has announced their yearly (ish) baseball game, and I’d like to go watch that, but I cannot play; I can barely hit a ball off a tee, let alone coming at me at anywhere over maybe 20MPH. I’ll gladly take some snacks and drinks and go sit in a park somewhere and watch a bunch of people I’m vaguely acquainted with do that, though.

But right now, I’m just waiting for Friday to get here. Left field bleachers, here I come!


EDIT: Prince Fielder destroyed out lead while I was writing. And now it’s 619 words.


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