Fridays at Safeco, Travel Edition

Or alternately, Nowhere Near Safeco.

My trip to Denver is coming up, and because today was an early morning for me and I was too tired to comb over pictures of players, I decided to post some pictures of myself out and about; none of which are actually selfies. These were all posted before, but photos of me are easier to pick out in a sea of uniform picture thumbnails than seeing if the picture I took was decent enough to post with as little sleep as I was running on, so you get this, prior to what I hope will be a Coors Field preview this weekend.

wadcMe at Nationals Park, with my new Screech the Eagle puppet. Screech now lives on my memorabilia shelf in our guest room. This was when I was still recovering from sciatica, also, so while I felt OK enough to move around, I still needed the cane. I also have several less tattoos than I do now. When we walked into the center field entrance, I had my jersey unbuttoned and between that and my teal hair, one of the ticket takers accused me of being a “very devoted” Marlins fan. I spent the rest of the game with the jersey buttoned, lest anyone think I was not there for the Nats themselves.

citizAt Citizens Bank in Philadelphia after an all-night ordeal of getting into a bad situation with the car we were traveling in, and sleeping not-very-well in a far-too-expensive hotel because we just didn’t have any other options. I wanted to do at least two things in the Phillies park; chow on a cheesesteak, and drink a Yuengling. I had both, and then a cherry water ice to top it off. I would totally go back to this park again (though I’d go to any ballpark, I just mean I had a good time). It was overcast but very warm and humid, and we got rained on a little, which neither my friend or I were really prepared for, but it didn’t get too bad. The Phillies hoodie I got from there is still one of my favorite articles of clothing to wear, very comfortable.

CAMDENAnd of course my holy grail, the reason I went on this trip to begin with. We saw two games at Camden, hung out in the sun for about an hour that night waiting for the gates to open, had a crab roll, got some Goose Island (was not brave enough to try the Natty Boh until the following day), almost got hit by Edwin Encarnacion’s bat, was on the MLB.TV broadcast multiple times, and was absolutely enamored the entire time I was there. The next day was not too shabby either; ate at Dempsey’s, got my first timer’s certificate, and strolled through the home run plaques on Eutaw St and the sculpture garden. I can still smell Boog’s BBQ, which I really should try if I ever go again (the humidity in Baltimore made barbecue seem like a bit of a chore, which seems crazy to me now, because I opted for a burger the second day).

Meanwhile, the Mariners are in New York City for Jackie Robinson Day, and I am looking forward to watching but not writing about the game. The lack of names on the Yankees jerseys make telling who’s who difficult enough already; but when everyone has 42 on, forget it. Just another reminder that I’m thankful I don’t have to write about baseball for a living; it’s more fun this way anyway.

I neglected to do much writing at all this week, so I haven’t yet said anything about Dae-Ho Lee’s game-winning home run from Wednesday (I was at work and only heard about it as I was taking the bus home). What a great experience it must have been! Not only the oldest “rookie” to hit a homer, but also his first in MLB, and a game winner, to boot. My friend Patrick posted this on Twitter after it happened, but if you haven’t yet listed to the Korean broadcast of this event, you really should. Korea loves Lee, and so do we! I think if it’s anything that really stands out about the hit is just how effortless Lee made it. When I first saw the clip, not knowing how many pitches he took, I thought he’d fouled off. It looked like he was simply shooing a gnat away or something, just that easy. I really hope he does well; both for his sake and for ours.

Coors Field preview coming up in the next 48 hours. Go Mariners!


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  1. ivammmmm says:

    Love to read your blog. You write so well.

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