Baseball At 10,000 Feet

I don’t know how far up in the air we are cruising at right now, so I’m just going to say far. I was up bright and early at 3AM to get ready, finish packing, and make it to SeaTac on time to experience one of the fastest check-ins I’ve ever had. I was out of the car and sitting at my gate within 45 minutes. I don’t fly very often, but that is a record for my previous flight experiences. And I even have my cane with me due to a recent on-again, off-again sciatica flare-up; they had to x-ray that twice for some reason. I also went through the scanner, then got patted down over the middle. This has only happens when I’m wearing velvet, satin, lace, or a combination thereof. Apparently, goth clothing is TSA-resistant. It happened when I was on my way to the east coast in 2014, too.

I am using my flight time to get a little baseball work done, and one of the things I’ve been meaning to do is read through this marvelous article by Kate Preusser. If you are having fun with the Mariners Experience right now, do yourself a favor and read that. She is spot-on. The article focuses on the clubhouse culture the front office has managed to build and its positive impact on the team so far this year. I don’t know if the Mariners will win a World Series this year, or even if we’ll make it to the playoffs. But what I do know is that there is something much different happening in Seattle in 2016.  This isn’t like before, this isn’t Jack Zduriencik’s plan, this isn’t focusing on defense and pitching, this isn’t Bill Bavasi handing over Adam Jones to the Orioles in exchange for Erik Bedard. This is something else entirely, and it’s something good. Whatever you might have previously thought about the organization’s hiring of Jerry Dipoto and Scott Servais prior to the season, or even after FanFest, it might be time to adjust your paradigm to one of incredulous wonder. You might want to buckle in folks, because this is not a drill. This may be the real deal.

EDIT:  Between the upper paragraphs and the rest of this post, the plane landed, I collected my luggage, met my friends, and made it safely to their house while being able to see many many prairie dogs along the way to Thornton. 

The Mariners won last night with more help from Dae-Ho Lee. I was unable to watch due to having to go to bed around the time of the game starting so I could make it up at three, so I didn’t get the full brunt of the game, and sadly due to the “early” landing, I didn’t even get the opportunity to check out many articles about it. I am both exhilerated to be in Denver for this travel opportunity, and a little sad that I cannot go to a game this week. It’s amazing what a team playing well can do for your outlook as a fan. I wanted to try and fit either a Monday or Tuesday game in this week, but I think I was aiming a little high over my ability to operate on ‘x’ amount of sleep.

Here in Denver, it looks like we get a Jon Gray start on Friday night, and an Eddie Butler start on Saturday against the New York Mets. I will be completely behind the Rockies all the way while I am here, but my hopes are not high. The Mets are currently in first place in the NL East with a  20-12 record, while the Rockies are in 4th in the West with a 15-18 record. The Mets are also coming off a World Series year, and while I admit I don’t know how much has changed in their roster from then to now, they’re clearly the better team. The Rockies also took a fall over their last two games against the Diamondbacks (I almost went to today’s 1.10PM start, but decided against it due to my projected ability to be awake), so morale may not be high. I don’t know what Colorado’s clubhouse culture might be, but I know what a losing team feels like and how it behaves, so I am really pulling for a Friday night win with the Rockies young pitcher in charge.

For now, we have some Colorado stuff to do. I am drinking a Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Little Red Cape ale (don’t forget, I’ve been up for over 7 hours at this point, so it is after “noon” for me now), and we’re going to relax and reset at my friends’ place before going to maybe Estes Park to see the Stanley Hotel, or do something in downtown Denver. As it is, I have already enjoyed seeing the literally thousands of prairie dogs standing at attention over their burrows along the side of the roads here.

Wishing the Mariners a good matinee game from 1300 miles away, and this week it is all Go Rockies for me.

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