Fridays At Safeco

It’s a Friday in late May and the Mariners are still in first place and have just taken a series from the Baltimore Orioles, who are also still in first place. The Orioles are even a sliver above the rampaging White Sox, who are tearing up the AL Central this year so far. The Mariners are headed to Cincinnati for a game against the Reds tonight that I will not be able to watch, but tomorrow I’ll be glued to the TV at 1PM for the Felix Hernandez start. The Reds are in last place in the NL Central right now, but if watching the Rockies defeat the Mets twice over the weekend taught me anything, it’s that placement just doesn’t matter. You might be able to get an idea of how things might go, but in baseball, as in life, there are no guarantees. To that end, how about those Mariners?

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.26.12 AMThis Mariner, specifically. Last year, mid-to-late season, Daniel exchanged a bunch of his season tickets for really good seats down the third baseline. I believe it was one of the last series against the Angels, but I don’t remember if we won.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.26.42 AMI don’t know what happened here exactly, but clearly there was a call Lloyd McClendon felt was missed by the on-field arbitrators that day. It was nothing like this game at all, but clearly there was something to be disputed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.27.06 AMKyle Seager! Seager currently has a .253 average on the season, which is not awful, but also not what we’ve come to expect from him at the plate. He has been making some good strides towards improvement, so hopefully this will put him on pace to get back to his old self soon.

This is super short, as I am low on time. I have one more photo share to do from the weekend, from my visit to B’s Baseball Museum on Blake Street, and will try to get that up and going over the weekend. In the meantime, good luck to Hisashi Iwakuma as he takes on the Reds for the first time in his career tonight in Ohio. I have long-rescheduled plans with a friend tonight, but I’ll be keeping an eye on things via phone because, just like Bryce Harper keeps requesting of everyone, the Mariners are making baseball fun again.

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