Fridays At Safeco

Since I’ll be spending a bit of Friday at Safeco, I figured I’d post some pictures I took the last time it was Friday and I was at Safeco. And also Sunday. And maybe a Wednesday.

1Cole Hamels, starting a disastrous game on a Sunday afternoon. Actually, this seems like it was sort of the beginning of the Mariners current slide down the standings pole; a hard-fought extra innings game the Saturday night before, followed by a disappointing afternoon game where I got a mean sunburn because I was oblivious to the sun peeking over the top of the stadium at the back and top of my head. That was a bad day all ’round (the same day as the incident in Orlando, Florida), and the game did not help.

2Dad hits! Seth Smith takes a whack at a ball right down the middle of the plate, which put him on base. I was sitting in the lower bit of the right/center field deck that day.

3Felix’s last home start, a Friday night loss.

We are awaiting a bunch of roster moves at some point today, but as of this writing, nothing has been announced. Ryan Divish says it should come down in the next hour or so. I won’t have much time to react to any of it, as I am once again slammed at work, but today there is a light at the end of this tunnel in the form of…a Mariners game! Right now, I’m simply hoping for decent weather and a win tonight. I don’t ask for much.

Also, the Cardinals blog I talked to before the season started had some questions for me regarding the series this weekend. I don’t know that my answers are necessarily good ones, but they’re answers. You can find that here on C70 At The Bat. I am looking forward to see if I’m right.

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