Fridays At Safeco

I am writing this at 4AM, because the heat has taken such a toll on me over the last 12 hours, and I could only sleep for about four hours or so. I get a lot of flack from people in more arid or humid states about complaining about the weather here in Seattle the past few years, because their weather is worse by comparison. But here’s the thing; I live here so I don’t have to deal with your ugly 90F, 80% humidity. Having the weather we’ve had in this area this year is not cool with me. The Pacific Northwest is supposed to be a lot more moderate weatherwise than it has been over the past five years or so. It kills my ability to sleep or any desire I might have to even go outside. The last game I went to was last Friday, and it was so unbelievably hot out, it’s a wonder the guys on the field didn’t just fall down with exhaustion. I wore the lightest clothing I had and was still miserable. My friend who doesn’t wear hats ever, BOUGHT A HAT to keep his head away from the sun (and I cannot emphasize enough how strange an event this was). This heat is not OK.

But I digress. Here are some pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.18.47 AMAdam Jones, at the one Orioles game I was able to attend this year. The Mariners and Orioles are currently in the Wild Card chase, along with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. I don’t know if Jones would have thrived here like he has in Baltimore, but I’d like to think he would have been an amazing long-term piece of our roster, if Bavasi hadn’t made that terrible move, and then Zduriencik had the sense to give him a good contract (I feel like he would have). When I was in Camden getting my “first game” certificate a few years ago, the people in the office there asked me why I was an Orioles fan (I was wearing my Mariners jersey), and I said “Adam Jones!” They all nodded in sage agreement. Baltimore understands what we gave up, and I’m still glad to have chosen the Os as my second team.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.19.16 AMKyle Seager gets ready to swat a ball. Having Seager out of the lineup the past two games has hurt us in the WC a bit, so I really hope he can recover from his foul ball issues soon. I understand we might get him back as soon as tonight, so that’s good. Keeping my fingers crossed. We can’t afford a lot of losses at this point, if we are to see games scheduled after the formal end of the season.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.21.13 AMThis is Jonathan Schoop. His first full year with Baltimore was 2014, also the year I went to Camden in April. I knew he was special then, because he ran the bases like he was born to do it. That same year, I got to see the Os win the AL East. Two years later, Schoop is still there. There are a lot of good players to choose from as favorites on Baltimore’s roster; Schoop might be my second.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.22.43 AMDae-Ho Lee, checking his swing late in the game. Lee’s production seems to have tapered off during the last half this year, but it hasn’t stopped fans from being really into him. His one-year contract makes me wonder if the Mariners will bring him back. At 34, perhaps a minor league contract? Admittedly I haven’t done much reading about what might happen for him, but this season will be super memorable because of him, so if nothing else, I can completely appreciate that. He’s been a fun surprise this year.

I have been watching games or making sure I check in on them at the very least; Tom is doing a tour this year, so I have been trying to balance my personal life with my baseball life, which means that I have missed some things and caught others, but I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and formulate opinions about what’s been going on. Recently, given the Wild Card situation we are facing, I have been trying to not take things too seriously, even though I know that things are pretty freaking serious right now for the Mariners. We have a little over a month left of regular season baseball. The team has been fraught with injury and players not panning out quite the way the organization had hoped. Usually it seems to be only the latter, so having both of these situations occur and still being in the Wild Card hunt is pretty impressive, if you think about it.

But I don’t want to get too invested, not with things this close. Down that road leads madness and heartache and a lot of swearing, and this year I’ve just been wanting to have fun watching baseball. Obviously I am pulling for this team, and I won’t allow our recent losses to dampen my spirits. I still think this team is the Real Thing, I still love my Mariners, and I am still keeping the words post season in the back of my mind. Not too far back, though, I might to use need them soon…


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